Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6 honeymoon activities (G-rated edition!)

Other than the obvious baby-making dance moves, I'm going to share six activities you should do on your honeymoon. Y'all, this is the G-rated version, so get your minds outta the gutter. First off, you gotta pick a place with lots of sunshine and alcohol. Adding those things + being on vacay with your best friend, you'll find you end up getting into a lot of shenanigans together. 

Hubs & I went to the Sandals Royal Bahamian resort. We stayed in a butler suite with a bedroom, living room, and kitchenette. We even got a cell phone so we could call our butler at any time of day/night! Our honeymoon was in October 2011. 

Onto the bizz-nazz...

1. Drink a lot of alcohol
Party together like you've never partied before. Get so silly with alcohol that you express an over abundance amount of PDA. This will make other couples feel really uncomfortable. But who cares; you're on your honeymoon! 

2. Have a romantic dinner on the beach
What's better than sunset, chocolate strawberries, and your better half? Ding ding ding... NOTHING! For realz. Oh, and after you're done eating, make someone take a steamy picture of you kissing. 

 3. Draw your wedding date in the sand
... Because all the cool couples do it. I swear, we had to fight for some sand space to just write this here heart. Can't a girl just get some sand? And please excuse the kindergarten handwriting. I was about 3 tequila shots over my limit. 

4. Make out
Make out, take a quick 4 second breath, and then make out some more. Y'all, your friggin' lips should be chapped! Be sure to pack some Burt's Bees. (Side note: One time in college, Ross & I straight up made out on top of a pool table at a bar. Real classy, I know.)

5. Take a million self portraits
Let's face it... you only go on your official honeymoon ONCE! Whip out your new Nikon camera, post that baby up somewhere and smile for 10 seconds until it snaps. Soak it up, for heaven's sake! Smile and be happy! Capture those moments like it's goin' outta style!

6. Leave your mark
In our case, we wrote our names and wedding date on the dresser drawer. Please don't turn me into the feds. It was our little way of having a piece of us left there, while back to the reality of life, work, and stresses!
Most important of all, honeymoons (whether in a tropical location or at your very own house) should be spent soaking up the newness of the most amazing concept ever created: marriage!


  1. Aww I love all of your ideas! We've dated for over three years and I keep hoping (and praying) he'll finally pop the question! I looove planning and am so excited to start all the planning of events! ...until of course it comes, then I'll pawn it off to friends and fam ;)

  2. I cannot wait for our honeymoon! My ONLY request is that we do ALL inclusive. After all this wedding planning I am going to need a serious week of boozing poolside with him :)..

  3. Cute ideas. I LOVED that you left a mark. Super cute!!!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Details are on my blog :)

    Laurie Brotherton

  4. love this post, we haven't even started on the honeymoon but I second Jordan, its gotta be all inclusive.

  5. Self portrats are a must!!! Love that you left your mark!!!

  6. This is so sweet! And, I LOVE that you left a mark, maybe in five years you can go back for a special getaway and see if it's still there! How cool. Also, you're adorable, love your bathing suit!

  7. We went to the Bahamas too! We stayed at the Sandals Emerald Bay (on the island of Great Exuma). Loved it!