Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Creative juju

First off... yay me! I got my very own domain. HOLLA! www.TexasMrs.com it is. This makes me one happy lay-deeeee!

Being off for three days kinda sorta spoiled me. I was super productive and creative though! I was productive because I started my readings for class. Yay me. I'm taking a class this semester to raise my undergraduate GPA. I'm currently enrolled in a master's program, and while my undergrad GPA shouldn't matter, it's embarrassingly low. Hey, what can I say? I had fun in college. Maybe too much fun. I did manage to make a ton of memories though. That's all that matters. Amiright?!

My creative juju has been flowing. I made three Pinterest projects this week. That only means one thing: I'll be participating in Katie & Steph's SPD Link Up. I'll post my projects for the next three weeks on Thursdays. And hopefully I'll continue posting. It just depends on how long this creativeness lasts. I am brand spankin' new to Linking Up and thanks to Katie, I finally understand the process. Yay for link parties!

Husband thinks I'm so silly when it comes to Pinterest. But, I have the best wifey card ever. Y'all ready to hear what it is? My hubby plays Call of Duty (I think that's what it called). He is excessive when he plays it. And he can spend hours just staring at the TV, listening to 15 year old boys smack talk. So, if he's going to poke me about being creative, I will give it right back to him. It's love, y'all.

Speaking of love, I fell head over heels for this new piece that I picked up yesterday:
You can get your very own at Hobby Lobby. The best part is that it was only $20! I am thinking about taking a hand sander to it in order to make it a little more rustic. Thoughts?! Ross likes modern, I like rustic.

I also picked up this bad boy.
I literally have no idea what I should do with it. And as you can see, it's huge. Zoey sized. But it was on sale. I practically had to get it! If you have some suggestions, I'm ready to hear 'em! If nothing else, it'll be saved for future baby Skinner's room.

And because I'm getting ready this morning to Randy Rogers Band, I figured I'd share the wealth. You're welcome.


  1. UGH Call of Duty is gonna give me a heart attack one of these days. Glenn plays all the time and I absolutely hate it. Boys boys boys, I guess!

  2. I loved my three day weekend too, man I could use one of those every few weeks. I'm linking up Thursday too because I actually had time to be crafty!

  3. T is a COD freak.. He is incapable of carrying on a normal conversation ( or any conversation at all) while he plays, it drives me INSANE!

  4. I love, love that mirror! Might have to go pick one up for myself. :)

  5. Love the big, huge S! I have so many summer projects in my head that I want to do but I can't seem to do with it freezing outside not to mention the snow we're getting.
    Also, congratulations on being official and getting your own domain name!