Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Neighbor family

So what does the word "family" mean anyways? In my opinion, family means whatever you want! To be more specific, those people who deserve to be a part of your life - whether blood related or not. Lemme tell ya about this neato story about family!

Ross and I decided we'd build our first house in February 2012.
One day while walking around our partially built house, we saw our future neighbors walking around their lot. We went outside to introduce ourselves. Ross and I thought to ourselves, "Yay! Neighbors the same age us."

Over the months that our houses were being built, we saw each other on occasion. We had the typical small talks that you have with your future neighbor - about how excited we were to move in.

Finally, we closed on our house in the last week of June 2012. So excited! Our neighbors were slightly behind us on the building process and didn't close until about a month after us but it was really only because they were getting married around the same time. 

Once we were both fully moved into our houses, we finally got to really know our neighbors. We'd be outside doing yard work and just start chatting away. We learned that the guys were in the same fraternity in college - just different universities. Cool right? We also learned that we both had small doggies that were the light of our lives. We really started to bond. 

After hanging out a few months on occasion, they invited us to their ranch in Fredericksburg. Oktoberfest was going during that time, so it was the perfect excuse. 
Ross, me, Meghann, & Jeff - Oktoberfest 2012

We had a blast on their family's ranch. I noticed something interesting there. The street signs all said, "Ottmers." Well that sounds quite a bit like "Otte" which is my grandmother's maiden name. I just thought it was a coincidence.

We got home that Sunday evening after a really fun drinking weekend and I decided to call my dad and tell me about the odd name connection. After all, my grandma is his mother. He just started laughing. He knew something I didn't! He laughed because he thought I was joking at first. 

Long story short: Meghann's ancestors (Ottmers) married my ancestors (Otte), thus creating the family tree that we have in common! We found out that we are distance cousins! TOO COOL! We're distant cousins. 

This story is just another reminder of how small the world really is. God had a plan and without his plan, we may not have ever met them. 


  1. Soon glad you have good neighbours and they are your age!! All of our neighbours are a lot older!!

  2. That SO cool! It really is a small world!