Thursday, January 3, 2013

New blog + Thankful Thursday

Hey y'all! Yes, you're in the right place. I made the switch from Life as Mrs. Skinner. I switched for a couple of reasons, but mostly because that blog was under my older e-mail address (with my maiden name). Since I've been married for over a year, I felt like it was only right to switch to my real name email address. It was getting too annoying. Every time I got a comment, I would have to log out of that account and into another to reply. Regardless, I'm glad you're here! Get comfy because I'm not going anywhere! :-)

Take a look around. Things should mostly be the same as they were. If you have questions or comments, let me know!

Let's go ahead & kick off 2013's first Thankful Thursday! {Insert cheers!}

Today, I'm extra thankful for a comfy bed. Because I've been sick since Sunday, I've been doing a lot of rest and relaxation. Last night, I slept through the entire night. Y'all... that never happens. I usually wake up randomly at 3am on my own, or something goes bump in the night that makes me alert. I am thankful for that bed o'mine. 

I am also thankful for medication. Not much has changed in my health but I am hopeful the meds will kick in. The doctor gave me a paste to put directly on my tongue ulcers. It's strange feeling. I'm just glad it's not super yucky tasting.

That's all for today. Don't forget to follow this new blog! I will be deleting my old blog very soon.


  1. Looks like I am the first follower over here!! Yay!

  2. Oh bummer, I hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. Love the blog and the new name! Following along on Bloglovin. Also, I nominated this cute little blog for the Liebster Award <3