Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Wednesday: Facts

In the spirit of Random Wednesday, I've taken it upon myself to share some random facts about myself with y'all! Lez do it!

uno. I have sensitive skin. My skin turns red really easily. It mostly only happens to my chest area, right below my neck. It doesn't physically hurt me, nor am I anxious or emotional when it happens. It simply turns red whenever it feels like it. Pretty much on a daily basis, I have people coming  up to me saying, "Are you okay? Are you feeling anxious?" Umm... no. I simply have sensitive skin.

II. I love painting my nails. Always have, always will. Take a look at this little gem, for example. Straight from the 80's... I tell ya. I was miss thang, sitting on my bean bag, with red nails.

c. I am a perfume addict. No... really... I am! Some girls are purse people. Or make up people. Or shoe people. Not me. I'm a perfume person. Smelling good is essential to my happiness. If I don't smell good, I'm not doing my job. I have a pretty supreme lil collection of scents. And if you're wondering, my favorite is Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret. I wore it on our wedding day, and it's my most favoritest ever.
We had this "medicine" cabinet installed when we built our house specifically for my scents.

le four. I am a bargain shopper to the core. Thank you to my momma for that one. I window shop constantly which is actually really beneficial because I know a good deal when I see one. Here's a prime example:
Oh that little doohickey? I got it fo freeeeee. Thank you to TinyPrints for sending me this free customized notebook! I signed up for their e-mails a long time ago. Well I hadn't purchased anything in a while, so they sent me $20 of free store credit. Swoon!

Lastly, I just thought I'd throw in another random fact. Shanna (who is hosting this link up) and I just so happen to live in the same town. And both of our hubbies are named Ross. Because of this awesomeness, you should go link up now! (Le duh!)


  1. Bargain shoppers unite! The thicker the target clearance stickers the happier I am :)

    I had the same thing happen with a shoe store, hadn't shopped in a while and got a $20 credit.

  2. I love bargain shopping! :) Howdy from a fellow Texas gal! :) I'm not too far from you..I work in College Station during the week, but I call Cleburne, home. :)

  3. Victoria secret perfume is my favorite. i love the vanilla one! i am forgetting the name for some reason.. and bargain shopper right here as well!!

  4. Love the little book. TP is one of my go-to's for party planning! They have the cutest stuff and fabulous customer service!!

  5. I LOVE TP, they make the cutest stuff!!! :)

    And I'm totally jealous of your perfume cabinet lol, I need some new smelly goodness in my life!!

  6. My skin is really sensitive too. It's quite annoying.

  7. Am I the only one that noticed you used four different languages? And does me loving that makes me a dork? Because I totally do! Also, love your perfume cabinet! Kinda jealous, not gonna lie. And, that little book fo-freeeee how awesome is that! Love finding bargains!

  8. That is one of my favorite scents too, VS Very Sexy. That is hilarious you have a cabinet full of perfume, that is awesome!


  9. I had to stop painting my nails for a bit because they turned yellow! That happens to me when I paint them too much :( They get stained.

  10. Melt my heart!! This pic of you!! I wish I could wear perfume!! It gives me major headaches. and bring on the bargains!!! Thanks for linking up!!

  11. Found your blog through a few other blogs and thought I would take a peek, its adorable!
    I am now your newest follower, and look forward to following you.


  12. haha, I'm a shoe girl, most definitely, not a perfume girl, but we all have our thing! I love painting my nails though!