Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sorority (Pronounced Sa-rawr-ity)

I have a running list of topics that I've been wanting to share with y'all. I keep this list stored on my phone, where I know it's safe. The topic today is about my sorority experience. Wait wait... don't run off. It's a good one, I promise!

Yesterday, I was reading Ashley's blog about her experience in a sorority and since this subject was on my "to write about" list, I thought it'd be perfecting timing. It's perfect timing for two reasons: 1) Ashley and I went to college together - neat huh?! (We didn't actually know each other, but we hung out with the same people. Our husbands are fraternity brothers.) And 2) I may have possibly "met" my identical twin, Ashley, yesterday. (Two different Ashleys here. Don't get confused.) And she just happens to be my sister in Alpha Chi Omega.

So what was my experience like?

Well, I didn't actually join a sorority until I was a junior. I was in marching band the first year & half of college and didn't feel like I had time for a sorority. In Fall 2008, my bestie and I decided to rush. And the greatest part? We got a bid from the same sorority! We were ecstatic!
We got our bids from Alpha Chi Omega. Also referred to as Alpha Chi or A Chi O or AXO. And accepting the bid was (one of) the best decision I ever made! Here's why:

1. Networking - To be totally honest, my ultimate goal in joining was to be a part of a lasting organization that I knew would benefit me for the rest of my life. I will always be an Alpha Chi and no one can take that away from me. The networking potential is endless. A good example is a job application. When people say, "It's all about who you know", it's true! This world is full of politics, whether we like it or not (and just so you know, I hate it!). Knowing the right people can go so far as to help you get a job! This is huge, people.

2. The Experience - The sisterhood that you build is awesome, truely, but the experience itself is also really incredible. The experience of saying, "Yes, I'm in a sorority." The experience of  knowing the chants. The experience of meeting new people, who you may not have otherwise met. The experience of going to sorority/fraternity mixers. The experience of every little thing that comes along with pledging.

3. Learning about sisterhood - I personally believe it takes talent to learn to be around other women who are different from you. Let's be honest: women are slightly crazy and mean sometimes. This talent is learned; not innate. When you're in a sorority, or any sacred organization like that, you have to learn to put aside your differences and bond over your connections. To know that you share a deep, deep secret really does bring you together.

All that being said, if you were not in a sorority, that doesn't make you any better or any worse than me. It only means that we had different college experiences. And differences are what make the world go 'round! Amiright? I would encourage you to write about a neat experience that you had in college. Because I'd love to read about it. :-)

Lastly, because I'm photo obsessed, I'll share photos from my experience. Enjoy, doodlebugs. (Yup, you can thank my Grandma for the doodlebug endearment.)

Forgive me for looking so young. Some of these were over 4 years ago! 


  1. Love, Love, Love!!!! And I loved my AXO girls!! So fun! YAY for finding eachother on here! I hope you have an amazing day!!

  2. Fun fact -- Ashley Barnhill (Let's Get Bananas) and I worked together in college! I was not in a sorority and we had completely different majors, but we spent almost every single day together for almost two years! Ha!

  3. My biggest regret from college was not joining a sorority or having the Greek Life. T was in a Fraternity, so I atleast got to experience a little of it!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! I couldn't agree more!! And yes, Jessica Odom up there ^ and I did work together! Small world! Please move to Houston so we can be real life BFF's?!!

  5. I loved my sa-rawr-ity. haha I still rock out letter shirts from time to time.