Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY: Glitter Mason Jar

Little bitty disclaimer, and then we'll continue to the fun stuff. If you're only here for SPD, you can skip over the smaller text:

I talked things over with my besties last night about the stalker issue. After all, BFF's know best. (If you're uber confused, click here.) Brittany said, "Wow, they are b*tches." And Tiffany said, "Why aren't they focusing on their own life? Their life must be lacking if they're so concerned about yours." Totes agree.

Thus, I have a new approach. I am going to continue writing about the fun stuff in my life, not including them, so that maybe... just maybe... they'll realize that they're worthless. Yulp, I said it. I don't mean that in a "mean" way, I mean it in the literal way. Less than worthy of being written about. At the end of the day, I have my life and my husband, and they have......(wait for it)......their constant thoughts about sweet ole me. (Yes, they're even on my blog this morning. At 6:06am to be exact.) I'm touched. But really, Husband & I already changed our phone numbers. And when I told my parents the dealio about not giving out our numbers, they agreed that they won't to anyone - including the stalkers. No more worries here.

So yadda yadda... my bloggity friends are getting to know the real me. True Life: I Have Real Life Stalkers.

Anywho...Let's get down to biznaz. Pinterest makes my heart happy.

Original Pin:

My version:
I happen to loveee it. Here's how to make it:

Step one: Gather necessary supplies.
Supplies include: mod podge, glitter of your choice, mason jar (le duh), something to use as a stirrer (ex: I used cake pop sticks), something to rest the mason jar on (ex: card stock), ribbon, and hot glue + gun. (Ribbon and hot glue + gun aren't pictured.)
 Step two: Mix mod podge and glitter.
Stir that sucker up like it's going outta style. Don't put as much mod podge as I did; I used way too much.
 Step three: Shift the jar around to cover the interior with mixture.
Be careful not to drip any on yourself or something else.
Step four: Look inside.
... Just because. No real productive reason.
 Step five: Place the jar upside down.
This helps the excess mixture leak out. If your paper is really thin, it'll seep through. May 'ought to find something thinker, like a paper plate.
 Step six: Add a bow.
You'll use the hot glue + gun to make that baby stick.
Step seven: Display somewhere visible.
Don't forget to put something in your jar. Yay! You're all done.
I linked up with Steph and Katie and you should too.


  1. between glittering and using food coloring to dye mason jars, the possibilities are endless, good job! is the inside smooth?

  2. I need this in my bathroom! Anything that involves glitter is a winner in my book! I had no idea mod podge dried clear! Now I know! :) Let the glitter crafting begin!

  3. this is adorable! I haven't seen the glitter ones yet. I might have to make one for my brushes!! :)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. Great job on the jars! Our wedding colors are black, champagne and gold. I have thought about doing these for our rehearsal dinner!

  5. So cute!!! This one I could totally do, haha. And sorry about your stalkers. That's annoying. :(

  6. Thumbs up here!! Ya gotta love Pinterest. -- how to exercise, decorate your home, fix a recipe and get an outfit idea on in one setting!! :)

  7. That is completely adorable! Your version turned out really well. :)

  8. That is precious!! I love the gold and black! Thank you for linking up with us!!

  9. So cute! Don't you just love Pinterest?! Obsessed.

  10. These are so cute!
    I've been wanting to make something like this for awhile now.