Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY: V-day burlap banner

I don't know about you, but I'm already thinking about Valentine's Day. In fact, hubby's gift has already arrived. (See it here) Shh... don't tell him what it is!

Our Valentine's Day just wouldn't be complete without a gosh darn banner. Don't you agree? Bring on the Pinspiration!

Original pin:

My version:


Supplies needed:
* Card stock to create your stencil
* Burlap triangles
* Paint color of your choice
* Hot glue + glue gun
* Twine
* Foam brush

Step one: Create your stencil.
I used Century font, size 330. Once printed on your card stock, cut out the black part of the letter, creating a stencil. 
 Step two: Use the foam brush to dab the paint onto the burlap triangle.
Be sure to have something behind the triangle since it'll seep through.
 Step three: Let the paint dry.
Shouldn't take much time at all.
 Step four: Hot glue some twine onto the back of the triangles.
Step five: Hang your sign with pride.
I told you that my husband is addicted to COD. He was in the middle of a game while I was hanging our presh banner.
Mean stare, don't currrrrrr. A happy wife is a happy life. 
Don't mind our basket 'o corks. We're wine-o's.

Thanks to Katie & Steph for their awesome Link Up!


  1. Too cute! I wish I was crafty. Maybe I'll get my butt in gear and do this link up sometime. P.S. LOVE the basket of corks! :)

  2. This is too cute! I had one for Thanksgiving & loved it!!!

  3. great job, i'm love it & your burlap triangles are so neat & pretty. I think in need to get better burlap.

  4. so cute! and it looks super easy, which is even more awesome!

  5. I need to do one of these, it's so cute.

  6. that is absolutely awesome, i don't think I could ever make something look that good!

  7. Burlap, check. Red paint, check. String, check. I am SO doing this! Very cute, it will be my first Valentines Day decoration ever!

  8. This is so cute!! I love how it's pink and not the typical black on the burlap! perfect for Valentines day!

    Love your blog too! New follower here!

  9. So cute! Love it, I've been looking for cute ideas on Pinterest for Valentine's Day. You go girl!

  10. AHh! Burlap. Hearts. Pink. I mean, really...does it get ANY better than that!? Love it!

    Thank you for linking up with us!!

  11. That's such a cute little project! I'm just starting to get to planning Valentine's day for us....