Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekend recap

Sunday again already? Why do the weekends go by so fast? Well at least I have The Bachelor to look forward to this week. And yes, I already know who wins. I am majorly guilty of reading the spoilers. I know - I'm bad! But I am not the biggest fan of surprises. One thing you'll get to know about me is that I'm a planner! Anyways, will any of you be watching The Bachelor!? Sean is a cutie and from Texas - double score!

I got this sweet new background on my phone. See:
If you want it too, all you have to do is sweetly tell me that I'm the coolest person in the world. Okay, actually, it's much easier than that. Just go here, friends. Fun stuff, right!? I thought it was too cool not to share!

Also, I got a swanky new watch this weekend and it was super cheap!
I told hubbs that I wanted a Fossil leopard print watch for my birthday in March, but when we went to the Outlet mall today, we came across this Rose Gold gem. It was only $20 from New York & Co. I figured why not!? Maybe, if I'm a good girl, he'll get me the leopard print one too!

Byyyyy the way, make sure you're checking out my Project 365 tab daily, or whenever really! Following through with that project is one of my New Years resolutions. It's a lot of fun too!

Time for an update on Layla, our newest pup. When we got her, she was 1.6 lbs. After her time at the vet, she fell to 1.1 lbs. So sad, right? She was very dehydrated and wouldn't eat. But, I bring some good news: She's back with the breeder for the time being so she can bulk up a little bit, and doing GREAT! She has been nursing on her momma a little bit and starting to get more active. We won't get her back for at least a month. But, we want her happy and healthy!

Lastly, I deleted my old blog: Life as Mrs. Skinner. I am here at Texas Mrs. and I'm not going anywhere! 

Happy Sunday to you!

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  1. I am obsessed with Sean! I can't help but adore him and I think T gets a little jealous of him from time to time.. Whoops.. I can't believe you read the spoiler!! I already have my bottle of wine chilling for this evening!