Friday, January 25, 2013

Zoey Bear Skinner

Oh, her?
That's Zoey.
Yes, Zoey has quite the personality.

Let me tell you about my first little princess.
I got her when she was just a little bitty thang.
December 13, 2009 - to be exact.

This little girl melts my heart.

She does what she wants, whenever she wants.

She stays in bed all day... because she can.

Her favorite quote is, "I look fabulous!"

She feels her best feature is her eyelashes and her missing 6 bottom teeth.

Her middle name should be "Plato" since she often engages in philosophical thought.

She enjoys watching TV.

When she's not being fabulous, she's busy being a hard worker.

She enjoys "family cuddle time"
Now isn't it obvious why I love her so much!?


  1. She's precious, girl! I love all of these posts going around about the fur-kids! I think I might have to join the band wagon here soon...

  2. I am seriously dying for a pup of my own, she is a doll!

  3. ADORABLE! I want a puppy really bad, I guess puppy-sitting for my family members will do for now! This was such a cool post, it sound like an e-harmony for pups profile description!