Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY: Burlap monogram

My pin:
Original pin:
Step one: Gather your supplies.
You'll need burlap, freezer paper, iron, scissors, computer + printer.

Step two: Create your template.
How do you want it to print on your burlap? I personally used Microsoft Publisher, but you can use whatever program your heart desires. 

Step three: Ironing.
Iron the shiny side of the freezer paper downward (touching the burlap). Concentrate on the corners, making sure they're completely adhered to the burlap.

Step five: Print your document.
Insert your burlap paper into your printer and print away.

Step six: Frame your burlap paper.
I went out and bought a new frame that was on sale at TJ Maxx. Be sure to hang it somewhere that everyone will see!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home tour de la Skinners

One of the best decisions my hubby and I've made together (other than spending the rest of our lives together) was to build our first home. It was such an amazing process. We purchased our lot in February 2012 (one year ago!) and got the ball rolling. After our loan was approved, we went through the exciting process of picking out every.single.detail of our home. I can truly say it's a reflection of us! We picked literally everything from the brick color and flooring to the grout color and door handles and everything in between!
Preparing for foundation

Foundation poured

Framing complete

This is written on our living room floor

Our perfect, quaint home

 Entry way

Living room

Living room

 Dining room


Guest bathroom

Guest bedroom

Laundry room

Office/work out room

Master bedroom - My favorite room

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Our backyard

Us standing in our back yard on our one year anniversary

God has blessed me!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Febreze eliminates spiders

I don't like spiders. In fact, I downright hate them. Considering our neighborhood is still being built on and we live "kinda" in the country, I see a lot of spiders. Yuck.
Yesterday I killed a spider. This is how the conversation went with Husband and I when I told him about it:

Me: I killed a spider this morning...
Ross: Oh yea? Good for you!
Me: Yea, you wanna know how?
Ross: How?
Me: I sprayed it with Febreze to confuse him and then I smashed him with the bottle.
Ross: Wow... *Gives me a strange look*

To my future children:

Oh and this is totally how I envision my marriage with Ross:
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Update

Happy Monday... said no one ever. To make things a lil easier on us all, I'm linking up for Weekend Shenanigans and Monday Morning Gossip! My weekend was pretty fabulous! I got to spend a lot of quality time with hubby and we even had a day date downtown. We stopped by Kendra Scott and I drooled over every piece there. Can I just say that you'd be my hero if you randomly shipped me some KS earrings? Kthanks.
1. My new goodies that I picked up Friday. And it only cost me $30! I am one happy lady.
2. I got my new book in the mail and started reading it. This verse jumped out at me. It makes sense to me. I have in-law issues. Hey, I didn't write the Bible!
3 & 4. Husband got me my new watch! I am loving it! But, I put it back in the box until March 13th to open on my birthday. Guess I'll have to be patient. Boo hoo!
5. Part of our day date consisted of going to Iron Cactus for lunch. We split their fajitas and it was deeeeelicious.
6. We had a guest speaker at church. She had a good message about God's perfect timing. I took some notes to reflect back on!

I hope your weekend was as awesome as mine.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Favorite beauty products


I love Friday's about as much as I love my beauty products. And there's a few that I swear by. Take a look!
1. DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser from Ulta. This stuff is amazing. But if you have dry skin, it may be too much. I have oily skin and this face wash does wonders.
2. e.l.f. Pink Passion blush from Target. It's the perfect pink for spring. Get it now!
3L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lash Mascara from Target. I swear by this stuff. If you've used it, you'll understand.
4. Essie Good as Gold nail polish from Target. My favorite color of all time. At least at this point in my life. I must be super boring, but this gold is amazing.
5. Almay eyeshadow trio for brown eyes from Ulta. As you know, I love my brown eyes and these shades make them pop!
7. Clean & Clear Persa Gel from Target. If a zit pops up, don't fret! Just use this gel. It'll zap them right away.
8. L'Oreal Precision Liquid eyeliner from Ulta. This eyeliner last all day for me. It's worth every penny!

If you haven't tried these, then you need to STAT! They are for sure my favorite. Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY: Dry Erase Picture Frame

Thursdays are good in my book because 1) that means Friday is right around the corner, and 2) it's my favie link up day. What girl doesn't love Pinterest? Go link up with Katie and Steph.

Today's project is super easy. Oh and funny story... I literally made up this pin all on my own, and had to find a duplicate on Pinterest. I kid you not. Someone else in this world has the same mind as me, because I found an exact replica.

My pin:
Pinterest's version:
Step one: Gather necessary supplies. Cut the burlap to fit the size of the frame.
Step two: Assemble the pieces together and write on the glass with your dry erase marker. If you mess up, no biggie because it comes right off! Preferably, you should write something wedding related. Because if you're like me, your wedding date is the most awesomest day ever.
Step three: (As usual) Display and Admire.
P.S. If you need my Mr & Mrs sign tutorial, go here. And, if you're interested in that amazing shelf, I made it from scratch too. I totally stole the idea from Katie.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to have the perfect wedding

Once a bride, always a bride. That's my motto anyways. Just like every other woman in this world, I happen to think know my wedding was the most perfect ever.

Since I've already told you about our honeymoon, I figured it's only fitting to tell you more about our wedding day. And if you follow these easy steps, you're bound to have a perfect wedding day too.

1. First things first... find yourself the perfect match. This man should consume your heart and soul. If he meets that criteria, make him put a ring on it!
2. Once you've got the bling, pick a perfect date and location. Weather it's rainy or sunny, inside or outside, you're still marrying Mr. Right... so it'll be perfect.
3. Find THE most important dress of your lifetime. When I first saw my dress, it was a holy-mother-of-jesus-did-i-literally-just-fall-in-love-with-a-dress kind of moment. Who knew you could love a dress?
4. Include your bestest frands in all the land to be in the wedding party. No drama, please. Ain't nobody got time for that.
5. Invest in an amazing photographer and videographer. That way you can re-live the memories any ole' time you want. (So what if I watch our wedding video all zee time!?)
6. Last but certainly not least, seal your fate with a kiss and live happily ever after.
If you want to see more pictures and watch our video highlights, go here

Enjoy, all you love muffins.