Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Febreze eliminates spiders

I don't like spiders. In fact, I downright hate them. Considering our neighborhood is still being built on and we live "kinda" in the country, I see a lot of spiders. Yuck.
Yesterday I killed a spider. This is how the conversation went with Husband and I when I told him about it:

Me: I killed a spider this morning...
Ross: Oh yea? Good for you!
Me: Yea, you wanna know how?
Ross: How?
Me: I sprayed it with Febreze to confuse him and then I smashed him with the bottle.
Ross: Wow... *Gives me a strange look*

To my future children:

Oh and this is totally how I envision my marriage with Ross:
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Bahahaha this makes me giggle. I am always the one that has to kill spiders. Anything else Michael can handle...but spiders are not his thing. Happy Tuesday lady.

  2. I usually don't kill them because I'm not wearing shoes to smash 'em with. But now that I know this little tip I'll keep it in mind. ps loving my e.l.f. blush

  3. HAHAHAHA! One time, I cornered a roach into running in a paper bag and then I quickly closed and stapled it shut and put it in the garbage. All so I didn't have to mash it with a paper towel. Ridiculous! It's definitely a husband's job to kill all insects/bugs that come into the house!

  4. Bahahaha. I sprayed him with febreeze to confuse him then smashed him with the bottle. Best thing I've heard all day!

  5. I like where your head is at. Babies me, bugs you. YES!

  6. Haha, so cute!! I haven't had to kill a spider in a long time *knock on wood*...but I remember one time in college my roommate and I both freaked out. It took us probably 10 minutes to kill a teeny spider!

  7. Oh I hate spiders! I have been known to kill spiders with all sorts of cleaning products. Scrubbing bubbles, bleach, windex, if it sprays I'm using it.

  8. My husband can completely relate! (Although he would never admit it) Great move with the Febreze, I'll pass it on to him in case he comes in contact with one and I'm not home...last time he came across one in the garage (he swore it was poisonous)ended up with him making a phone call to a buddy to come over and they torched it.

  9. I just SAW the word spider and my palms got all sweaty.... I can't even tell you how I get... its ridiculous.. I am going to keep a gallon of Febreeze around at ALL times haha.

  10. I just laughed out loud. We would be bff's in "real life", haha, I just love ya!

  11. I make my husband kill all the bugs too.
    Spiders are the worst!!