Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Letters according to housewives

Happy Friday friends! Special shout out to one of zee stalkers on here at 3:48am. (Oh and as an update on this situation, one of the stalkers contacted my besties mentioned in the previous posts. Obviously my BFF's are on my side and tell me everything. Sooo, stalkers life continues to revolve around moi!)

The Housewives just know me too well. My Friday Letter's wouldn't be possible without their shenanigans. 

Dear Friday: I see ya. Thanks for stopping by. Today will be grand because I am only working a half day. 
Dear Husband: What do you say we go dancing this weekend again? Maybe do a lil dranky drank and a lot of two stepping? Don't lie... you love my moves.
Dear Furbabies: I am proud of you both for getting along so good! When we first brought baby Layla home, you two barked at each other a lot, but now you're finally becoming sisters. I'm over here all happy like, probably looking slightly dorky for the amount of love I have for y'all.
Dear Blogging Frands: I kinda sorta love y'all. You all leave such awesome comments for me to read. And I absolutely love chatting with y'all. When I look at how many people are following me, it surprises me but it makes my heart happy!
Dear Valentines Day: I'm already getting excited for your arrival. I never really cared about V-Day before, but being married to my main squeeze just makes me want to celebrate every holiday. Plus, V-Day brings out the sexiness in everyone. Amiright?!
Happy Friday, doodlebugs.


  1. Don't sweat the stalker(s)! You can't fight crazy!

    And your pictures cracked me up! Have a great weekend!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. HAHAH!!! This post is perfect!

    And now I want to do that stat counter thing. You got me all curious!

  3. HAHA Loved this post!! I love anything that has a housewife gif. Just a little too obsessed with that show. Happy Friday!! (and ps - thank goodness I'm friends with someone who leads such an exciting life to have stalkers creeping at 3:48 am!) :) And I love the comment up there ^ "you can't fight crazy"!

  4. Oh wow. You're hilarious! I love all of the housewives clips, so funny! The one about the furbabies, I probably look like that the majority of the time I'm with them, you're good! (:

  5. You are cracking me up with callin' these bitchez out! I wanna figure this stat counter out!!

  6. this makes me laugh, both crazy stalkers and crazy housewives.

  7. Your GIFs are amazing! those housewives are just too much.

  8. ok, so this is the first time Ive stopped by and I think Im officially addicted to your blog. So dang funny.

    newest follower openspaces

  9. Oh how I love me some Real Housewives gif's!