Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home tour de la Skinners

One of the best decisions my hubby and I've made together (other than spending the rest of our lives together) was to build our first home. It was such an amazing process. We purchased our lot in February 2012 (one year ago!) and got the ball rolling. After our loan was approved, we went through the exciting process of picking out every.single.detail of our home. I can truly say it's a reflection of us! We picked literally everything from the brick color and flooring to the grout color and door handles and everything in between!
Preparing for foundation

Foundation poured

Framing complete

This is written on our living room floor

Our perfect, quaint home

 Entry way

Living room

Living room

 Dining room


Guest bathroom

Guest bedroom

Laundry room

Office/work out room

Master bedroom - My favorite room

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Our backyard

Us standing in our back yard on our one year anniversary

God has blessed me!


  1. OHHH my goodness... LOVE this!!!! Love, love, love it! So pretty!! Joey actually built our townhouse and picked everything out before I came along so I am DYING to build our next house. If I could have started the process yesterday I would have! Love everything y'all picked out! Can I claim the western room as my room?! Ok, good, thanks!

  2. I love your house! How pretty & sweet that it's your first home and y'all built it together by picking out everything! I can't wait to build our next house, now it's all about saving up for it! (: Also, how sweet that y'all wrote on the concrete! LOVE IT!!

  3. please stop being so adorable. We are in the processed of buying a home, if building was an option we'd jump all over it. A laundry room is such a must, those flimsy little closets just won't do!! I'm also in love with that kitchen!

  4. How cute is your sweet little abode?? It is perfect and I am way jealous of your back yard. I want one SO bad

  5. Your house is GORGEOUS!!! You guys did an amazing job customizing and decorating it! We hope our next house-- way down the road-- will be one we build and get to make our own :) PS- I LOVE your bed!!

  6. That is so special that the two of you actually got to create your whole home!
    I'm swooning over your bedroom. Love the color choices.
    And the kitchen. Big kitchens always makes me swoon!

  7. Love your house and what you wrote on your LIving room floor!! Soo sweet!! Love the colors of it too!!

  8. Wow! What a blessing to get to build your first home. I love the verse written on the concrete. What a great "foundation" for you to build your lives on.

  9. Your home is adorable! The writing on the living room floor is such a sweet idea! :) Your blog is adorable!
    You've got a new follower :)

  10. Your home is beautiful! What great scenery too...we've talked about building once we get to where ever we're going- good point about how every detail is a reflection of you guys, I hadn't thought about that before

  11. I am so jealous that you had the opportunity to build your own home. It looks amazing!! You can't do that here in California unless if you're a gazillionare!