Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On being Average Allison

I love telling you random things about myself. And today's topic is probably my favorite ever. Here goes nothing...

I love being average.

Yep, you read that right. I absolutely freaking love everything about being average. It makes my heart extremely happy. Let me explain...
  • I met my husband in college. "Most" people say that they met their significant other in college.
  • Speaking of, our relationship was very standard. Dated for 3.5 years, engaged for 1 year, etc.
  • I am very average looking; not model material, but not the opposite either.
  • Hubs and I are "middle class"; we don't have too much money or too little.
  • I got my period when I was 13 years old, the average age.
  • I have an average, reliable car... nothing fantcy schmantcy.
These are just a few examples. So why do I like being average? I love being average because it makes me feel like my experience in life is the "norm" and that gives me so much comfort. I don't have goals to be the "best" per se... or the "richest"... or the "prettiest." I just want to live a life that is very normal and stable. I like predictability too.


  1. I love this!!! I had a little blurb like this in my about me and I got criticized for it because I should never consider myself 'average'

  2. I think you're model material... just sayin'... :)

  3. You are gorg! Shut it! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Nothing wrong with being average. But I agree. I think you are prettier than average!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  5. I've seen your wedding photos, definitely model material!!

  6. That's awesome that you love the "averageness" of yourself. And I'm also pretty sure that statistically speaking, someone who is truly average from many different perspectives is probably fairly rare. And I've always been on the opposite side--I love the "oddness" of me and my experiences, from being left-handed to getting married as a teenager...I enjoy having a bit of a different life experience from the norm! But what's important is that we're grateful for the characteristics and life experiences we've been given....it would be no good if you were pining for a more bizarre life story!

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