Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY: Dry Erase Picture Frame

Thursdays are good in my book because 1) that means Friday is right around the corner, and 2) it's my favie link up day. What girl doesn't love Pinterest? Go link up with Katie and Steph.

Today's project is super easy. Oh and funny story... I literally made up this pin all on my own, and had to find a duplicate on Pinterest. I kid you not. Someone else in this world has the same mind as me, because I found an exact replica.

My pin:
Pinterest's version:
Step one: Gather necessary supplies. Cut the burlap to fit the size of the frame.
Step two: Assemble the pieces together and write on the glass with your dry erase marker. If you mess up, no biggie because it comes right off! Preferably, you should write something wedding related. Because if you're like me, your wedding date is the most awesomest day ever.
Step three: (As usual) Display and Admire.
P.S. If you need my Mr & Mrs sign tutorial, go here. And, if you're interested in that amazing shelf, I made it from scratch too. I totally stole the idea from Katie.


  1. can you just make me all that and ship it to me? seriously so cute and i've got to get on some projects this weekend.

  2. I've seen this a lot on Pinterest, but never with burlap in the background. LOVE that idea. So cute!

  3. LOVE the dry erase photo frame! I have one on my desk at work and use it to list all my important projects! LOVE your little display of everything!

    Thank you for linking up with us!

  4. I love that you came up with this on your own and then had to find one similar on Pinterest! Clever girl! (:
    Also, I'm still obsessing over the MR & MRS picture frame. The fabric in the background is perrrrrfect!

  5. This is super cute! I really really LOVE that Mr & Mrs frame though! Visiting that page now, too! Ha!
    Stopping by from the Linkup :)

  6. AHHH! The shelf looks amazing! I was so excited to see it :) The board looks great too...everything together is awesome! Thanks for linking up love :)

  7. How is your handwriting that cool on a marker board? Mine smudges and never fails to look like a hot mess. Love this one!

  8. SOOO cute! I've make a dry erase board out of picture frame but with a piece of paper... never thought of putting burlap behind it! I like that even more!

  9. So easy and what a great way to put little reminders on!

  10. this is too precious! I love that whole display with the shelves and other cutesy stuff you've made!

  11. very cute ! Love the burlap, the whole "look" of the shelves is adorable. Great job!

  12. Adorable! Love this idea!... And I may or may not have a post that appears on my blog with a Mr. and Mrs. sign. Haha.. Don't worry, I will totally say, "Got the idea from Allison!"

    So glad I stopped by from the link up today! :)