Friday, March 29, 2013


We have a lot to review so let's get right down to the bizz-nazz:

uno. Dear Friday... if I could tell you anything, it'd be this:
two. Sorry for being so MIA lately. I would normally blog everyday and also comment on everyone's post for that day, but work has been super busy lately. So please forgive me while I play catch up. If I can manage to keep my eyes open while laying in bed, I do catch up via bloglovin'. I can't quite figure out how to comment through bloglovin' though. Am I cray? None the less, I still read! Promise.

c. Literally jamming the frick out over this song. OBSESSED. It's not an old school jam, in fact it's newish, but I'm still linking up with Whitney today for #backthatazzupfriday!
Running Out of Air by Love And Theft on Grooveshark

next. I LOVE ALL MY FOLLOWERS. Y'all are the cutest. Lookie who has over 100 followers :) I've said it all along... I just want followers who are interested in reading my stuff. Sometimes I'm slightly boring, but y'all still stick around. That makes me wanna squeeze you through the computer screen.
cinco. Um, it's Friday. YAY! Not just any Friday though... it's GOOD Friday. Praise Jesus! No really, Jesus died for you after all! I hope everyone's Easter Sunday is awesome!

6. I just thought of the Easter bunny... which reminded me of Donnie Darko.... which reminded me of none other than my man, Jake Gyllenhaal. I hope the Easter bunny comes to visit you, but I sure hope he doesn't look like this.
Slightly creepy.
Have a hippity hoppity Friday!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alphabet Dating: A

When Kaitlyn introduced Alphabet Dating, I was super excited. First off, I love going on dates with the hubby and second, I love doing new dates! Perfect combo if you ask me. Ross thought the idea was genius whenever I told him about it too. In fact, the other day, he goes, "Oh! I thought of an awesome date for the letter I." What a cutie.

So, without further adieu, I present our "A" date:
Our day was spent going to downtown Austin, Amy's Ice Cream, and the Arcade. SO MUCH FUN! Seriously! I earned some major wifey points... just sayin'.

Amy's Ice Cream is one of my favorite ice cream places ever! I always get the same thing because I'm boring like that, but I know what I like. My ice cream of choice is Belgian chocolate with cookie dough mixed in. Okay, my mouth is officially watering.
If you're lucky, they'll even do neat tricks when they're putting the ice cream into your cup. Totally tip-worthy.

Our favorite part of the date was definitely going to Dave & Busters! Who doesn't love this place?! I hadn't been since I was a wee little girl.
We walked in and our eyes got really big. So.Many.Games. Ross was in heaven, that's for sure. We did just about every game there was. We "rode" a virtual roller coaster. Did Skee ball. Pin ball. Wheel of Fortune  And everything in between.
Skee ball is easily my favorite game. I am pretty good too. But I definitely don't compare to Ross. He only won like 531 million tickets. I kid you not, that man has some skillz.
Skinner Winner.
I forgot to mention that we even got a workout - or at least I did. Try shooting basketballs into a moving hoop for one minute straight. And if you're short like me, expect to jump every time you shoot a ball. Let's take a lookie at my ballin' hubby, why don't we?
We ended our day date with some brewskies and headed home. Sorta perfect, in my book.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's tearin' up my heart

I'm either about to rock your world, or I'm going to shatter any dream that you had thinking I was an adult. Okay, just kidding. I am an adult. It's just that I'm an adult that is still obsessed with Nsync.
Tearing Up My Heart by N'Sync on Grooveshark
Oh baby, oh baby.

If you haven't guessed by reading all of my posts, I love music. I don't discriminate. I can shake what my momma gave me, or I can two-step. But Nsync does something else to me. It gives me dance moves that are uncategorized.

Let's all take a moment to appreciate all the greatness of Nsync.
It's tearin' up my heart when I'm with you.
That should make your Tuesday a little lot better! You can thank me later.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Update

Best. Weekend. Ever. Maybe I say that too much, but weekends are sorta amazing.

On so many different levels, this weekend made my heart flutter with happiness. At one point, Ross and I were laughing our butts off in the car, and we agreed that being married to your best friend is the greatest invention ever. We by no means have the perfect marriage - no one does - but there's no doubt that God created us for each other.

Our weekend started on Thursday after work. Hubby took me to a Brandon Rhyder concert. I am obsessed with his music. Yea... obsessed. Go ahead and push the "play" button below.
Rock Angel by Brandon Rhyder on Grooveshark
It's some pretty great stuff, if you ask me. He's a Texas Country artist and has oh-so-wonderful music.

Before we headed to the concert, we did our usual photo sesh.
Oh em gee, my family is the cutest.
Camera happy.
A little goofy.
When we got to the concert, we were the first ones. So serious right now. But we had so much fun drinking and making fun of ourselves for being the first ones. Luckily people started showing up right after us. We felt less lame after that.

We danced, oh yes we did. And we drank. Lots and lots. And the best part of the concert? OH I DON'T KNOW? Maybe meeting Brandon Rhyder himself?! And then having him sign the back of my shirt?! And just watching him perform live?!
Yea, it was a good time. We even met this couple who were the best dancers I've ever seen in! Ross & I have always two-stepped, but this couple does a fun one-step. We are going to take dance lessons fo sho! I even captured them dancing. Seeeee:
The rest of the weekend was spent being lazy (my favorite ever!!!) and then meeting up with some old college friends!

Next week, Tuesday I'm thinking, I'll be posting about something being completed from my 30 before 30 list. It's not one of the bigger goals, but we're still excited about it!

Happy Monday friends! I'm linked up with Sami and Leeann.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY: Cake stand

Because spring is finally here (can I get an amen?), I thought what better way to celebrate than to make my own spring-y cake stand? After all, I am throwing a baby shower this summer for one of my girlfriends, so I might as well start preparing now.

My pin:
Pinspiration came from this link.
It's cute and super easy.
Gather your supplies.
Hot glue the candlestick to the bottom of the plate.
And voila! You've got yourself a personalized cake stand.
Plate from Target here. Mine was on sale for $2.
Don't forget to link up with Katie and Steph!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's true... I'm a perfume-a-holic and I don't care who knows it! Back in January, I told you that perfume was my one weakness. I'm not really a shoe or purse girl, but when I see a good perfume, it's on like donkey kong.

So, lucky for you, I am going to share my favorites. Run to your nearest store and stock on up.
Victoria's Secret - Very Sexy: This one is my favorite of all time. I feel like the moment that I spray it on, I'm automatically sexier. I wore this scent on mine and Ross' first date, and even on our wedding day.

Mariah Carey - Luscious Pink: This one is Ross' favorite of all time. He pretty much pounces on me the second he sniffs it. No lie. I really like it a lot too. It's my second favorite.

Victoria's Secret - Tease: Maybe it's the name, but this perfume makes me feel feisty! I carry around the travel size mist with me everywhere I go. You can never be too prepared.

Jessica Simpson - Fancy Love: This one is a little sweet but will last you all day. That's a definite perk in my books. I have found that "Fancy" is very similar to this one, but "Fancy Love" is much better.
And of course I'm obsessed with men smelling good too.
Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gio: This is both mine & Ross' favorite of all time. Worth every penny, TRUST ME. When Ross wears this stuff... get outta my way, because I'm gonna be on him like a spider monkey.

Victoria's Secret - For Him 2: This is Ross' second favorite. And I will admit that it smells pretty amazing. It's super manly.

Now that you've seen my favorites, what are some scents that you swear by?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Taste of Tuesday: Funfetti craze

Today's post is a twofer! Lucky you. If there's one thing I'm a fan of in this world, it's sweets. I am bad. Bad to the bone. Actually, on a serious note... I do diabetes testing every other year because diabetes does run in my family. Though I'm not diabetic personally, you can never be too safe! Especially with a sweet tooth like mine. Anyways, my point is that you're getting two recipes from me today. Both are sweet. Yum.
You can find the original recipe for the cake batter dip recipe here and the cupcake recipe here. What I loved most about both recipes was that there were so few ingredients. You can get the exact measurements of the ingredients in the original recipe link provided.

To make the cake batter dip...
1. Gather your supplies
2. Mix the whip cream, yogurt, and cake mix.
I suggest adding more whip cream and a little less yogurt. It was super thick and I preferred it more fluffy.
3. Grab a graham cracker and munch away.

To make the cupcakes...
1. Gather your supplies
2. Mix the soda & the cake mix.
The cake mix tasted exactly as if it had eggs and milk in it. So good!
3. Pour mix into cupcake liners.
I would suggest pouring much more than I did. The cupcakes didn't rise and ended up being super tiny.
4. Mix your whipped cream and vanilla pudding power together.
I highly suggest using more vanilla pudding power than was specified on the recipe. My frosting was very whip-creamy and I didn't really like it. I ended up preferring the cupcakes without frosting because of this.
(Not pictured)

5. Add frosting and nom away.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Update

St. Patties day weekend consisted of shopping, eating, drinking, dancing, and acting like dorks. Of course I did all that with this girl. We said "What The Hail?" and "Toe Jel" quite a bit. Too much, perhaps.
Isn't she the most adorbz?
As Texans, we don't pronounce "hell" as it's spelled... we say "hail." It's just the way we are. And the phrase "totally jealous" just magically shortened to "totally jelly" and again to "toe jel." It just kind of came out.

My weekend wouldn't be complete without lovin' from my hubbs also.
This man makes my heart go pitter-patter.
In other news, Instagram captured some more good times. Take a peek:
1. Trying out some different beers during happy hour. Mmmm.
2. Pizookie's are simply the best. Go to BJ's Brewhouse and get one!
3. Bestie and I have matching watches. True love right there.
4. Happy Hour with my main squeese.
5. Bestie brought me the prettiest flowers ever for my birthday! Don't make fun of the tea pitcher that they're in. We didn't have a large enough vase. 
6. We went to go see "Oz The Great and Powerful" at the move theater and there was convenintly a place to take pictures with an upcoming movie. I purposly made him smile like a dork :)
7. Candid photo of Hubbs and I. xoxo
8. Things used to get raunchy when Ross & I were in college. Him and I dated all throughout college. I was a measly 19 years old when we met. We used to go to Shenanigan's and make out hardcore. Well on Saturday night at the bar, Ross and I gave each other a smooch and Britt captured it on her handy dandy phone. Oh, gotta love reliving memories.

Not pictured: We watched "Argo" and "End of Watch" on Friday night. Both were awesome movies. Those who really know me, know that I am obsessed with Jake Gyllenhaal. Seriously, I want his babies. My husband understands my obsession with him and accepts it. 
Good lawd.
So basically my weekend was supreme. Happy Monday!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Letters

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Dear Friday: You didn't get here fast enough, but I'll let it slide since you finally arrived. Today brings exciting things like... the beginning of the weekend and my bestie coming to visit! We're going dancing on Saturday night. Hopefully husband doesn't get too annoyed with us chatting his ear off.

Dear 3pm: I am not sure what it is about you, but you inevitably make me sleepy. There is nothing worse than being tired at work and not being able to grab a cup of coffee or some sort of caffeine. At least I have my Sprite. Sprite is my new best friend.
Dear Nail Polish: I am in love with you. I really think you're the perfect color I've been looking for my whole life. And I mean that.
Dear Zoey: I caught you staring at Layla in her kennel today. Did you want her to come out and play? You look really sad. Come snuggles with momma.
Dear Watch: You are really distracting me at work with your beauty and all. You match my outfits perfectly, and you keep me on schedule for the day.
Dear Blog Friends: Your sweet comments on my birthday made me smile. There is nothing better than all y'all! Let's all have one big meet up party, what do you say? But for real... does anyone know of some good blog conferences that are upcoming? I would love to go to one!