Friday, March 1, 2013

A tribute to the month of March

Yay, I'm so happy you've arrived. I have big plan for you, March. Here's a little bitty break down:

1. Turning 26 years old and publishing my 30 before 30 list. I'm really excited about this list! Goal setting is something that definitely defines who I am. I am really counting on accomplishing all these goals before I hit the big 3-0! 

2. Going to see The Band Perry next weekend at the Houston Rodeo. Hopefully I get to finally meet my twinie Ashley while we're in Houston too!

3. Attending the local Brandon Rhyder concert. Hallelujah! I have been wishin' & hopin' that he'd come local soon and my wish will be granted in this month.

4. Planning a baby shower for my friend. She hasn't officially told everyone yet, but someone I'm close with is preggers. Myself and her SIL are throwing her a baby shower. I'm excited to put my Pinterest ideas to work. 

5. Continue on with my no caffeine-rule. I haven't blogged about it yet, but I am 100% caffeine-free. I am super proud of myself; you have no idea! I started it about 2 weeks ago, and I have really stuck with it. No coffee, no soda, no nothin'. (Well except I do eat chocolate, and that has a teeny tiny bit of caffeine in it.) I originally took on the task of going caffeine-free per my doctor's recommendation. I have a fast hear rate (no idea why) and she suggested I give up caffeine to see if that helps. It does seem to be helping and I feel like I am sleeping much better at night. If you're wanting to come off caffeine, my doctor gave me awesome recommendations that I'm happy to share with you!

Happy Friday and Happy March!


  1. You WILL be meeting me next week!! YAYYY! And I'm impressed with you being completely caffeine free - that's awesome! I rarely drink soda, but definitely have a cup of coffee most mornings.

  2. Wow! Caffeine free? Go you! That would be so tough for me, haha.

  3. The Band Perry in concert is PHENOMENAL. You are going to love them. Kudos for your caffiene free. I need to give it up, stat...

  4. Excited to see what all is on your 30 before 30 list! I'm dying to see The Band Perry in concert, have fun girl! Also congratulations on going two weeks without caffeine, that's awesome!

  5. No caffeine is amazing! I try this every once in a while and always give in! Stick with it!

  6. Can't wait to see the 30 before 30 list! And caffeine free?! I don't know I am allowed to go caffeine free... no one at work will come into my office until they see me take the first sip of coffee haha.. that's so awesome you have the "power" ;)

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. Once again, yay for March birthdays! We are so awesome. ;D
    I am SO jealous that you get to see The Band Perry. I would love to see them in concert.

    hahah love that e-card! so true.