Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Update

St. Patties day weekend consisted of shopping, eating, drinking, dancing, and acting like dorks. Of course I did all that with this girl. We said "What The Hail?" and "Toe Jel" quite a bit. Too much, perhaps.
Isn't she the most adorbz?
As Texans, we don't pronounce "hell" as it's spelled... we say "hail." It's just the way we are. And the phrase "totally jealous" just magically shortened to "totally jelly" and again to "toe jel." It just kind of came out.

My weekend wouldn't be complete without lovin' from my hubbs also.
This man makes my heart go pitter-patter.
In other news, Instagram captured some more good times. Take a peek:
1. Trying out some different beers during happy hour. Mmmm.
2. Pizookie's are simply the best. Go to BJ's Brewhouse and get one!
3. Bestie and I have matching watches. True love right there.
4. Happy Hour with my main squeese.
5. Bestie brought me the prettiest flowers ever for my birthday! Don't make fun of the tea pitcher that they're in. We didn't have a large enough vase. 
6. We went to go see "Oz The Great and Powerful" at the move theater and there was convenintly a place to take pictures with an upcoming movie. I purposly made him smile like a dork :)
7. Candid photo of Hubbs and I. xoxo
8. Things used to get raunchy when Ross & I were in college. Him and I dated all throughout college. I was a measly 19 years old when we met. We used to go to Shenanigan's and make out hardcore. Well on Saturday night at the bar, Ross and I gave each other a smooch and Britt captured it on her handy dandy phone. Oh, gotta love reliving memories.

Not pictured: We watched "Argo" and "End of Watch" on Friday night. Both were awesome movies. Those who really know me, know that I am obsessed with Jake Gyllenhaal. Seriously, I want his babies. My husband understands my obsession with him and accepts it. 
Good lawd.
So basically my weekend was supreme. Happy Monday!


  1. HAHA I didn't even notice your flowers were in a pitcher. I loved your St Patty's day outfit - I'm going to Old Navy this weekend to try on their pants! Happy Monday! xoxo

  2. Awh so happy you had such a good weekend! How did you like OZ? I'm dying to go see it! Love that you used a tea pitcher for the flowers, I noticed that on Instagram, I've done it too no shame. Ahhhh Jake.

  3. Looove those green pants girl! You're rocking 'em!! :) Jared and I rented Argo a couple weekends ago and LOVED it too- such a good movie!

  4. Umm yes, we do say "hail" instead of "hell" hahaha love that! I need to get myself some green pants ASAP, those are SO cute! Your pictures make me want to go to BJ's & have a berry burst cider & a pizookie right now! End of Watch was an amazing movie.. loved it! I still need to see Argo though. & who doesn't love Jake?! He's amazing :)

  5. No judgements on PDA should ever be made in a bar.. Atleast I like to think no one is judging me ;)

  6. What a fun weekend! The best weekends are the ones spent with the bestie and the husband. :-)

  7. Looks like such a FUN weekend! Jealous of your pizookie still haha ;)

  8. Love those green pants! I wore green pants for St. Pat's too. :) Also, I totes jelly all the time. Nothing wrong with abbreviations now and then.

  9. What a fun weekend- I love the 'hail'- it makes makes miss living in the south. What a sweet kissing pic of you and the husband, always fun to capture a sweet moment. New to your blog and look forward to reading more!