Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Update

Best. Weekend. Ever. Maybe I say that too much, but weekends are sorta amazing.

On so many different levels, this weekend made my heart flutter with happiness. At one point, Ross and I were laughing our butts off in the car, and we agreed that being married to your best friend is the greatest invention ever. We by no means have the perfect marriage - no one does - but there's no doubt that God created us for each other.

Our weekend started on Thursday after work. Hubby took me to a Brandon Rhyder concert. I am obsessed with his music. Yea... obsessed. Go ahead and push the "play" button below.
Rock Angel by Brandon Rhyder on Grooveshark
It's some pretty great stuff, if you ask me. He's a Texas Country artist and has oh-so-wonderful music.

Before we headed to the concert, we did our usual photo sesh.
Oh em gee, my family is the cutest.
Camera happy.
A little goofy.
When we got to the concert, we were the first ones. So serious right now. But we had so much fun drinking and making fun of ourselves for being the first ones. Luckily people started showing up right after us. We felt less lame after that.

We danced, oh yes we did. And we drank. Lots and lots. And the best part of the concert? OH I DON'T KNOW? Maybe meeting Brandon Rhyder himself?! And then having him sign the back of my shirt?! And just watching him perform live?!
Yea, it was a good time. We even met this couple who were the best dancers I've ever seen in! Ross & I have always two-stepped, but this couple does a fun one-step. We are going to take dance lessons fo sho! I even captured them dancing. Seeeee:
The rest of the weekend was spent being lazy (my favorite ever!!!) and then meeting up with some old college friends!

Next week, Tuesday I'm thinking, I'll be posting about something being completed from my 30 before 30 list. It's not one of the bigger goals, but we're still excited about it!

Happy Monday friends! I'm linked up with Sami and Leeann.


  1. I love country music and going to a country concert sounds like an awesome weekend!

  2. Being married to your best friend is indeed the greatest invention ever! My husband and I always joke that it's like getting to have a sleepover, every night for the rest of your life- What more could you ask for? You guys are the cutest couple, love the pictures :)

  3. I want to dance like that!! They are SUCH good dancers!!! Looks like Thursday night was so much fun! Happy Monday! :)

  4. drinking and dancing = perfect weekend in my book!!!

  5. That's so awesome, Allison! Loved this post! So happy y'all had such a great weekend together and I couldn't agree more, being married to your best friend is the best. I love that you two compliment each other so well! God has brought together some amazing people. (:

  6. Omg, I want to dance like that! I can two-step very poorly and half-step sometimes, but I can't do any of the spinning or anything. I'm awful! Looks like Brandon Rhyder was awesome! :)

  7. I love Texas country artists! Looks like y'all had so much fun. I love the goofy picture of y'all.. We ALWAYS take goofy pics & I love it, it just shows who we really are haha. I wish I could dance like that!!

  8. There is nothing better than being married to your best friend :) Some of the most fun dates I remember are just ones we were random and making each other crack up about anything and everything :) Love rocks!! And so does live music- especially country hehe! Glad you guys had a good weekend!!

  9. What a great weekend! So glad you enjoyed it with your honey. :-)

  10. YAY for Texas country!!! Sounds like you had a blast this weekend and your pictures are adorable!!

    Happy Monday! :)

  11. Love, love, love me some Texas Country. I get legit chills every time I hear Freeze Frame Time and can.not. NOT turn it waaayy up. Ah, LOVE it!

    My husband and I just moved to Uvalde, TX with the oil - it's okay if you've never heard of it, I hadn't either! It's taking some adjusting but the plus side is the Frio river is minutes from our house! You have got to check out the summer concert line up at House Pasture in Concan. Every weekend is someone great and the venue is a perfect drinking/dancing/party weekend getaway! We are so excited about becoming little river rats in our new town!

    So glad I clicked on your blog!

  12. so much fun!! Love Brandon Rhyder! Looks like y'all had fun :) And lucky duck on getting to meet him and have him sign your shirt!

  13. what a great weekend! I love country concerts, but of course they're always better when you actually meet the artist!

    Stopping by from the Weekend Shenanigans linkup :-)

    - Val @

  14. I'm sitting in the middle of the airport with no headphones, but I'll have to check out that song soon! Love the pics!

  15. Your family is just too adorable!! What a fun night out you had! Love live bands..we insisted on one for our wedding..that we first heard at one of our favorite bars..hahaha! ;)

  16. How fun!!!! You guys are Wild West regulars!!! Love it!!! We are going to Pat Green on April 18th there!!! Can't wait!!!!

  17. You guys are so cute!!
    And I'll have to check out this Brandon Rhyder guy...never heard of him.