Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wonder What's Next? Me too!

Boy oh boy, have I got a treat for you! I am switching blogs with Jessica today. She is super sweet and a fellow Texan. What could be better? Now please show her some lovin' and get to know her! 

Without further adieu... 
Hey there, lovely Texas Mrs. readers! :) I'm Jessica and I blog over at Wonder What's Next where I write about whatever happens to strike my fancy. A lot of times that happens to be my love for health and fitness, but every now and then I talk a little fashion, a little beauty and a lot about my dog.
Allison was one of the very first bloggy friends I made. She is the sweetest so when she suggested we swap blogs for the day I jumped at the chance! I figured I would tell y'all a few random factoids about myself and hope you might want to stop by my blog sometime to learn more!

+ My favorite movie of all time is The Breakfast Club.
+ My ultimate celebrity crush is Adam Brody.
+ When I was 14 I broke three of my front teeth and had them bonded.
+ Last year I chipped the bonding on one of said teeth and had to have it bonded a second time.
+ I act like my dog is my daughter and potentially treat her better than I do most humans.
This would be said dog, her name is Pippa

There's a lot more randomness where this came from, so if you're curious, don't be shy! Come on over to Wonder What's Next and say hello! :)


  1. What a good idea. You so smart!

  2. I stopped at Breakfast Club.. and started singing haha.. So sweet and so much fun to do a blog switch!