Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Gonna be May

Considering today is the last day of April, that can only mean one thing...
You KNOW I had to throw in some JT for you, right? But on a serious note, I have been dying to post this gif.

Can someone tell me where the year is going? Why is it in such a hurry? I would prefer time to slow it's roll. Anyways, that's all I've got for you today. In case you missed it, I published two posts yesterday. One here and one here.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Deep

Don't you just love days that I give you two-fers? This beautiful Monday just so happens to be your lucky day!

I did a weekend update for you here.

Today I'm answering some deep questions that I saw from Erin's blog. I figured it'd be fun to give it a shot. It's a good one, y'all! You don't wanna miss it. I am rather in touch with my emotions, so get ready for some sappy slash cheesy answers. 

Let's jump right in!

1. If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would it be? I'd like to think that I'm at this place in my life by God's plan. I am not sure I would change anything, to be honest, because what if that altered everything I currently know about life? I really and truly believe that God knows what's best for me. I wouldn't want to be in charge of changing my entire life plan, because I would have no peace of mind over it.
2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Five years from now I'll be a wife and a mom. I am not sure of much else, but I know I see myself being happy. Whatever that means.

3. How many kids do you want? I changed this question from Erin's version because of course we want kids. It's just a matter of how many. Hubby and I haven't had a huge discussion about the number of mini's that we want running around since we're not parents yet. I'm sure once we have one kiddo, it'll help make the decision for us. I would say either 2 kids or 4 kids. Not three, preferably. I tend to think that the middle child syndrome does exist. So sue me? Of course if God gave us 3 kids and not 4, we would embrace it!

4. What has been the best moment of your life so far? That's an extremely tough question. Top of the charts would have to be our wedding, however I believe the little moments are the best moments. Like the time that my little family and I were all laying on the couch cuddling. And the time that Hubby and I danced in our living room. And the time that Hubby told me how much he loved me. And all the times that revolve around my sweet little family of four. Yea, those are the best moments.

5. What is your life theme song? The very first song that I thought of was Gary Allan's song "Every Storm." It's a good reminder that no matter what trial you (or anyone) is going through in life, it's only temporary. Even if the situation never "resolves", it will eventually die down to where you don't feel it as strongly. I like that message!
Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) by Gary Allan on Grooveshark

6. What is one thing you have yet to accomplish that you want to do before you die? I have my 30 Before 30 list that is a nice little guide of some of my goals. If you read the disclaimer on it, you'll notice I only really have two goals: become a wife and a mom. Considering I'm married to my best friend, the mommy role would be the only other thing I care about. So to be called "mom" before I die would be a huge accomplishment.

7. If you could choose one thing to be known for, what would it be? Super easy. Most importantly, I want to be known as a wife. I was born to play that role. From sun up to sun down, my husband is the person I strive to make happy.
8. If you could do anything you wanted right this very moment (no consequences, no fear, etc) what would it be? I would pack mine and Hubby's bags and we'd book a flight to somewhere tropical and take a really long vacation! Gahhh, wouldn't that be amaze? I'd prefer to relive our Bahamian Honeymoon if at all possible!
9. What has been the most challenging moment in your life? For sure, the most challenging moment of my life was when I realized and acknowledged (out loud) that God is in control. It sure would be nice to have things go my way in life, but that's just not how it works. God has the final say. And yea, that scares the crap outta me... but at least I can rest easy knowing that he has a plan.

10. Summarize yourself in one word. Passionate. Without a doubt, I am the all-or-nothing type of lady. Sometimes to a fault. But regardless of what I do, it's with passion. Examples: 1) I love my husband like crazy. 2) When I shop, I shop hard. Hehe. 3) I clean the house to excess once I start with one little area. And 4) If you negatively interfere with my life, I will cut you out so fast you won't know what happened. Sooo if that tells you anything, I am surely a passionate woman.

Weekend Update

Our weekend was part lazy, and part productive. Pretty fantastic, if you ask me. Take a lookieeee:
Uno. Django Unchained was such a good movie. We picked up the movie from Redbox and Chuy's To-Go. It was exactly how I wanted to spend my Friday night: at home with the girls and Hubby.
Dos. SERIOUSLY my favorite candle of ALL TIME. It smells supreme and the tin bucket is entirely too precious to handle.
Tres. Love love love my new J Crew skirt. Everything at their outlet store was 50% off, and when I laid my eyes on this gem, I knew I needed it on my body. I paired it with a white tank and my cowgirl boots. Then off to go dancing we went.
Cuatro. Cute husband and I before the bar. I wish I had taken a picture of his outfit. We looked so cuteeee.

In other news, here are some things that I am loving:

Song: The Band Perry - Done. This is the jam right now.
Scent: Victoria's Secret - Dream Angels Kiss. It smells AMAZE. Go getcha some. Stat.
Weather: It's warm and sunny in these parts. But apparently we're getting another cold front this week. Boo to that. Who else is ready for summer?!
E-Card: This one is perfect for today.
 Hope your weekend was as grand as mine was.

Oh and P.S. check out this other post that I wrote today! You won't wanna miss it!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Husband: I really enjoyed our fun dates this week... dance lessons on Tuesday and dinner out on Wednesday. My favorite dance moves this week has been the "Sweetheart." You are such a good sport! I could tell that you were really having fun :)
Dear Jordan: Thank you for posting this recipe on your blog. I made this dinner for hubby on Monday and he LOVED IT. 
Dear Furbabies: I don't normally post blurry pictures, but since you girls had a party while daddy and I were out at dinner, I figured it was blog-worthy. Thanks for tearing up the newspaper and pulling all of your toys out of the bin. Oh and the pee on the carpet really topped things off. You hoodrats.
Dear Old Navy: Your boyfriend skinny jeans are very comfy and cute. Thanks for creating such awesome crops for me. I now have three pairs: green, red, and blue jean.
Dear Weekend: Hubby and I haven't gone dancing in quite awhile, so we're itching to. Maybe this weekend? PLUS we started our dance lessons. We learned some awesome new moves and the instructor was surprised how well we already danced. Now that we're taking lessons, we'll be even better!
Dear school: You suck all the fun outta me on weekends. But luckily I only have one more test and the semester is over. This makes me very happy. Which reminds me... Ashley's hubby graduates with his MBA next month. That's gotta feel good for them. I know when my hubsters finished his MBA that I was one proud wifey.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY: Wreath + Burlap Bow

There's somethin' about a monogram. And burlap. And then when you combine them and add a wreath, it's like a party on your front door. Everyone that drives by our house will see the beautiful creation and be like, "Whoa."
Just call me Suzy Homemaker.

But seriously, could this wreath get any cuter? I think not.

This project probably cost about $28 in total and it was definitely worth it.

Annndddd I'm guessing that you're still reading because you want to make one too, right?! Okay perfect. First things first, let's make the bow. I found this pin and followed the easy steps to make my bow. Really, the steps were simple... anyone could follow it! You basically just need a ruler (or a measuring tape in my case), a stapler, and your ribbon.
Once your bow is completed, you'll want to attach it to your wreath and then hang the monogram! My bow doesn't look quite right since I attached the monogram to the wreath by covering up part of the bow. But that's okay. 

I bought this bronze colored wreath hanger for the door. I used to use the discrete looking hanger (I'm drawing a blank on what they're called) where it looks like the wreath is floating. Well that didn't work, so I went back to the over-the-door hanger.

The wooden monogram is from Etsy. I originally stained it, but didn't care for the stain, so I spray painted it this beautiful blue color!
Happy DIYing and Happy Thursday!

Polyvore obsessed

I am dumb as rocks when it comes to fashion. Literally, I have no fashion sense whatsoever. And yes, I had heard about Polyvore before, but OMIGOSH, I am in love. I may just be a fashionista after playing around on that for hours on end. Can I PLEASE have one of everything?

Check out my amazingness that I created...

Those shoes and that purse completes me.

Yes, please to the KS earrings.

Cute without being matchy matchy!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Taste of Tuesday: Guacamole Salsa

Because of the fact that I could eat guacamole for every meal, you already know that I'm gonna integrate that any chance that I get.

This Guacamole Salsa has easily become a staple in the Skinner household andddd it's healthy.
So do you want the recipe yet? Well, you're just gonna have to click your pretty way over to Being Bracco because I'm guest posting there today!

Your belly will thank you.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Update

A baby shower, some beer pong, a DIY craft, and outdoorsy stuff is what our weekend was made of. Too bad the weather was a little bit off it's rocker. It's April, but apparently the cold front didn't get the memo. That's okay, it still worked out great!
1. Husband and I before Meghann and Jeff's Gender Reveal Party. He picked blue, I picked pink. I may have had a hint from the momma-to-be though. Pink wins! It's a girl!
2. On the way to the shower! I loved their invite. By the way, Meghann and Jeff are our neighbors but they're actually much more than just neighbors. Read about it here.
3. Cutest cake ever! And it was so tasty! The cake balls (behind the cake) were also awesome. Meghann's sister-in-law's mother made them. Sorry if that confused you. Anyways, Meghann's sister-in-law and I are throwing a shower in July and the cake balls will definitely be there!
4. A roll of burlap. Hmm... what could I have made? Stay turned this week.
5. Husband mowed the front yard on Saturday and it looked so good. I love the freshly cut grass.
6. Sunday morning, hubby got right to work and mowed the back yard too! He is so great.

Not pictured: Saturday after the Gender Reveal party, I took a nap and then woke up to a text from our neighbors saying, "Fajita's and Ritas?" So of course I got my happy booty out of bed and we headed over. The food and drinks were amazing. Also, earlier that morning we had a neighborhood-wide garage sale. We had borrowed two long tables from my dad to set stuff out, which ended up working out great because we used that for beer pong Saturday evening. Yea, that happened.

By the way, my drink of choice this weekend was this sucker:
OHMYGOSH, SO GOOD. Seriously. Anyone that really knows me knows that I am obsessed with all things strawberry. This tastes like KoolAid, yet you'll catch a buzz from it. I don't hate it.

Oh oh, and last weekend I got a couple new clothing pieces. My favorite, for sure, is the maxi skirt. I got the hot pink (in the picture above) and the mint color. I had to have both. The ones that I got just sold out online but there's a similar one here. I got mine in-store, so I would check there! You can't really tell from my photo, but the skirt is actually sheer toward the bottom. It is SO CUTE on! Most definitely perfect for summer.

Last but not least, if you're following my Instagram, you may have seen pictures from the Google office. Since hubby is employed, I got to do a VIP tour :) Being married to a Noogler has it's perks.

Friday, April 19, 2013

I like plans.

Back in 2010, I originally started blogging as an online diary. I never gave out my blog address to anyone. It was so nice to keep it private because I could write about anything and everything. In some ways, I wish I still did that. In other ways, I know I wouldn't have been connected to such amazing people who I met through blogland. My bloggy frands rock :)

Writing is such a release for me. It makes me feel so much better after I get things out in the open. And there's a ton of stuff I wish I could write about on this blog here, but I know I can't. Mostly because I have stalkers (two specifically) who check my blog multiple times per day. Yikes.

In order to make myself happy, I've come up with a plan! I like plans.
Things will be business like usual here at Texas Mrs., however I'll also be starting a brand new blog. This other blog will be much more personal, so I can write about whatever I please. I obviously won't be including my name or email on it in order to keep the stalkers away.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I am considering sharing the link with some of my closest bloggy friends. Not because it'll be super interesting - because I kinda doubt it will be - but because that way they can get to know me even more.

Side note: If you get the blog link, you won't be able to follow on GFC or Bloglovin'. Sowwy! You'll just have to add the link as a "favorite" on your internet browser. 

I would love the opportunity to share the link with all my readers, but I just can't. That would defeat the purpose. This was the best solution I could think of.

Enough talk about all that jazz. Let's talk about how it's FRIDAY! YAY for a fast week :) This weekend has awesome things in store. Can't wait to share the funness on Monday morning!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prayers for West, TX

I was going to publish my other post I had written but because of what happened last night, I decided I'd postpone that. Especially after watching this video...

***NOTE: This video was tough to watch. It shows the actual explosion. 

West, Texas (an actual town; not just western Texas) is a tiny town in central Texas. The fertilizer plant there exploded last night. There are several unconfirmed deaths and numerous injured.
This just hits too close to home for me. I grew up in Belton, which is an hour away from West. There were reports of people from my hometown recognizing the explosion when it happened. That just goes to show you how intense the explosion was.

Please pray for the small town of West and the families there. My heart breaks.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Layla Macy Skinner

Hopefully by now all my readers know that I have two furbabies: Zoey and Layla. They are mine and Ross' pride and joy! Really, they are! To read my spotlight on Zoey, go here. For now, let's focus on Layla!

I was waiting to dedicate a post to Layla until we really got to know her. She's the newest member of our family. We got her in December 2012. Lemme tell you about little Layla.
Layla is very proper. Although she has her own food bowls, she prefers to share with Zoey. She waits her turn and sits politely. She has to stand up on her back legs to get into Zoey's food bowl. She's definitely determined.

Layla is the sweetest, most gentle doggie in the world. She listens intently whenever you speak to her. 

She actually really likes taking pictures. She just stands there, all sweet-like and poses.

She really enjoys a good nap sesh. Well, they both do.

Although she's a daddy's girl...

...She is the perfect addition to our family of four.
Linking up with Shanna today!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taste of Tuesday: Chardonnay Edition

Today you're in for a real treat. :) Mrs. Brianne Bracco is guest posting her favie wine + food combo just for you. She's kinda sorta the sweetest ever, so check out this Taste of Tuesday edition! And don't forget to link up with Ashley and Jessica!

Hello Everyone!  I am Brianne and I can be found in my little slice of blogland I call, Being Bracco!
I am so excited to be over here with Allison and all of you today!  She is my Southern twin...love everything we share in common.  Our fur babies are our children, we looooove NSYNC (and don't care who knows we still listen to it), and oh how we love our vino!

So you can imagine how giddy I was to prepare this wine tasting for her wonderful blog!
There is nothing the husband and I love more than enjoying a Sunday afternoon together with a nice refreshing beverage and a yummy snack.

With Spring bringing the great sunny weather, a nice, cold glass of Chardonnay is perfect for an afternoon at home, on the back porch.  My absolute favorite Chardonnay is from La Crema Winery.
This Sonoma Coast Chardonnay was introduced to me by my aunts at dinner one night...and I have never looked at another Chardonnay since.  It is just so very smooth and crisp.

Now, what would be the perfect snack to pair with this amazing Chardonnay is a classic soft cheese blend with crackers, and my favorite olives.
Buttery crackers are just the absolute best with any cheese and I have never met a garlic stuffed olive that even compared to these Mezzetta brand olives.  The garlic chunks are HUGE and the flavor is perfect.
Soft cheeses are the best to pair with a Chardonnay.  I chose Brie and Gouda...my favs.  I used to be called "Bri Cheese" when I was younger (just a random, fun fact for ya).

Then, I had the hubs cut up the cheese into perfect cubes to eat (cause we really can't trust me with a knife and expect me to keep a whole finger)

The flavors are just amazing combinations together!  A citrusy blend to follow a rich cheese and bold garlic...Delicious!  A great afternoon treat.
Yeah... I kinda ate all the olives...I can't help it!
Love to have you all stop by Being Bracco sometime!  I share plenty of yummy recipes, my favorite style pieces, how I add decor to our new home, and a definite overload of my fur babies

Thank you so much Allison for having me!  It was so much fun.  :)