Friday, April 12, 2013

DIY: Monogram Picture Frame

You can thank Pinterest for inspiring me to complete another DIY project. It involves a monogram (what's better?!) and a picture frame. Easy, right?! Well... yes and no. I had to get my hubby to help out. Apparently I am not so smart when it comes to applying vinyl. That's okay. What are husbands for!?
My original pinspiration came from 
this beauty.
I got my frame from TJ Maxx and my monogrammed vinyl from Thoughts in Vinyl.
$10 for the frame + $12 for the vinyl = $22 customized project. Super cute and perfect for our house!
I enlisted my hubby for help.
And just like that, it's done! Here's the finished product!
Of course I fully plan to load up that wall with other cute things, but hubby doesn't love it when I spend all his monies at once. I gotta spread it out.

Speaking of spending all my husband's money... thank you to Helene for cracking my stuff up.
Literally laughed so hard.


  1. Love this! and anything monogrammed for that manner, haha. & That picture still cracks me up!!
    Happy Friday girl!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! I need to make one too! Where did you get the vinyl from?!

  3. SO AWESOME! I love all of you DIY's come to Ohio and help me with some!

  4. Seriously SO cute! And I saw that picture yesterday and I LOVE ITTT so much lol

  5. That is too cute! I have ordered a vinyl, but am having the hardest time finding a frame I like!

  6. Love this. Adding this to my DIY to-do list now!

  7. So cute and easy! The price helps also. I really want to do something similar above our bed.

  8. haha! that pic is awesome. and loooove what you did! turned out wonderfully!!

  9. Love simple projects that turn out so "professional" looking! Now you should do a tutorial on how on earth you got the sticky sticker junk off the glass!!! Biggest pet peeve!

    And oh man, that picture is hilar! Looks about right?