Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Layla Macy Skinner

Hopefully by now all my readers know that I have two furbabies: Zoey and Layla. They are mine and Ross' pride and joy! Really, they are! To read my spotlight on Zoey, go here. For now, let's focus on Layla!

I was waiting to dedicate a post to Layla until we really got to know her. She's the newest member of our family. We got her in December 2012. Lemme tell you about little Layla.
Layla is very proper. Although she has her own food bowls, she prefers to share with Zoey. She waits her turn and sits politely. She has to stand up on her back legs to get into Zoey's food bowl. She's definitely determined.

Layla is the sweetest, most gentle doggie in the world. She listens intently whenever you speak to her. 

She actually really likes taking pictures. She just stands there, all sweet-like and poses.

She really enjoys a good nap sesh. Well, they both do.

Although she's a daddy's girl...

...She is the perfect addition to our family of four.
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  1. So sweet! :) I'm glad everything is working out with sweet Layla!

  2. They are just presh. I just want to cuddle with them!!

  3. aww, i've always wanted a little doggy.. we ended up with a big 'little' dog.

  4. Awww she is so precious!! And so tiny!!! I love that she poses for pictures! I wish my dogs would do that. Maybe they can take lessons from their bestie Layla!

  5. Precious proper Layla girl!!! So sweet! Why do they have have to be daddy's girls? Haha. Love your adorable fur babies friend :)

  6. Look at those faces!!! Adorable!!

  7. Little Miss Layla seems like a princess in the making. She is adorable!! Hope I get to meet her one day!

  8. How sweet! Little Layla is adorable!

  9. Layla is so cute...her puppy eyes are killing me!