Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taste of Tuesday: Chardonnay Edition

Today you're in for a real treat. :) Mrs. Brianne Bracco is guest posting her favie wine + food combo just for you. She's kinda sorta the sweetest ever, so check out this Taste of Tuesday edition! And don't forget to link up with Ashley and Jessica!

Hello Everyone!  I am Brianne and I can be found in my little slice of blogland I call, Being Bracco!
I am so excited to be over here with Allison and all of you today!  She is my Southern twin...love everything we share in common.  Our fur babies are our children, we looooove NSYNC (and don't care who knows we still listen to it), and oh how we love our vino!

So you can imagine how giddy I was to prepare this wine tasting for her wonderful blog!
There is nothing the husband and I love more than enjoying a Sunday afternoon together with a nice refreshing beverage and a yummy snack.

With Spring bringing the great sunny weather, a nice, cold glass of Chardonnay is perfect for an afternoon at home, on the back porch.  My absolute favorite Chardonnay is from La Crema Winery.
This Sonoma Coast Chardonnay was introduced to me by my aunts at dinner one night...and I have never looked at another Chardonnay since.  It is just so very smooth and crisp.

Now, what would be the perfect snack to pair with this amazing Chardonnay is a classic soft cheese blend with crackers, and my favorite olives.
Buttery crackers are just the absolute best with any cheese and I have never met a garlic stuffed olive that even compared to these Mezzetta brand olives.  The garlic chunks are HUGE and the flavor is perfect.
Soft cheeses are the best to pair with a Chardonnay.  I chose Brie and Gouda...my favs.  I used to be called "Bri Cheese" when I was younger (just a random, fun fact for ya).

Then, I had the hubs cut up the cheese into perfect cubes to eat (cause we really can't trust me with a knife and expect me to keep a whole finger)

The flavors are just amazing combinations together!  A citrusy blend to follow a rich cheese and bold garlic...Delicious!  A great afternoon treat.
Yeah... I kinda ate all the olives...I can't help it!
Love to have you all stop by Being Bracco sometime!  I share plenty of yummy recipes, my favorite style pieces, how I add decor to our new home, and a definite overload of my fur babies

Thank you so much Allison for having me!  It was so much fun.  :)


  1. I love when people suggest wine pairings because I'm awful at that! I would drink white wine with everything if it was up to me, ha! Thanks for linking up with us friend! :)

  2. La Crema is one of my favs!!! I also majorly LOL when I read the - yeah... I kinda ate all the olives!!! I'm right there with you!

  3. MMMM!!! 2 of my favorites.. Chardonnay and Gouda! I love pairing the Gouda cheese with sliced grapefruit... such a great combination!!

    Happy Tuesday, friend! :)

  4. Napa and Sonoma.....one of my fave vaycays ever!! Now following Allison and heading over to follow Brianne!

  5. Yum this sounds perfect!

  6. Thanks again for having me over here to hang out! So much fun :)

  7. Cheese, wine AND crackers?? This is my kinda meal right here!