Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You might be from the south if...

Today I'm giving you a two-fer! Yep, two posts in one day! I hope you enjoy :) Be sure to check out my other post for today titled Thoughts on Marriage

+ You say "Y'all" and "Bless Your Heart"

+ You know how to two step.

+ You think anything below 50 degrees is freezing.

+ You eat fried okra. (I grew up on that stuff!)

+ You pray before you eat.

+ BBQ is a standard at family gatherings.

+ You drink out of mason jars.

+  You are overly proud about your state.

+ You tease your hair up to God.

+ You mind your manners.

+ You call carbonated sodas "coke", regardless of type of soda. 

+ Your Grandma gave you a bath in a bucket outside in the summer.

+ You started drinking Iced Tea when you were old enough to speak.


What did I miss, folks?! I was definitely born and bred in the south.


  1. I agree with every single one. Y'all is my favorite word! My mom says I use it too much... I disagree! :)

  2. I love these! They are all so true! I especially love the iced tea one. Like my grandmother and my mom, I always have a homemade pitcher of sweet tea in my fridge. ALWAYS!

  3. All these are great! My favorites:
    Overly proud of your state
    Drinking Iced Tea when you were old enough to speak

    I have this old home movie where I ask my mom for iced tea in my sippy cup. This is the epitomy of being Texas born and raised!

    Randi Leigh Decker

  4. These are all household staples, except my grandma just sprayed me with a hose. No bucket needed ;)

  5. Aw, love this! I agree with every one of them. :)

  6. Love these! I LOVE TEXAS SO MUCH! (I think that's part of the whole "being overly proud of your state thing haha) I saw this thing on Pinterest that said, "You know you're a Texan when... the longest part of your roadtrip is getting out of your own state!" haha

  7. I haven't been seeing your posts, but then I realized I wasn't following you on bloglovin. Are you on there?

  8. I think you about covered it :) all y'all and coke have been the two top transitions for me to make since moving to TX

  9. y'all and coke for sure!!! John is from NY so it's been an adjustmnet with him :) haha!

    I never got got a bath in a bucket but I did stand naked in the backyard and get sprayed down with a waterhose ;) haha

    And sweet tea... always had a pitcher in the fridge!!!

  10. Hahah I love you! I say y'all so much but I'm not from the South. & AMEN to the tea! I was raised lovin' tea. However, 50 degrees isn't anywhere close to freezing here in Ohio. (:

  11. Just stumbled across your blog from Jenni's link up and I've been reading posts for probably 20 minutes your blog!!! And I totally love this post--born and raised in MS, so I completely agree with all of these :)