Monday, May 27, 2013

A Letter To My Stalkers

Stalkers... as in plural. Yep, there are two of them. I know these two females in real life. I first told you about them back in January. Well, because they read my blog I figured I would do a quick shout out to them. Don't feel like you have to comment just because I wrote it. I mostly wrote it as a way to communicate to my IRL stalkers that they need to stop obsessing over me.

P.S. They are in no particular order.

Dear Stalker #1:
I was kinda sorta curious about something: why are you so obsessed with me? I mean, I know I'm pretty freakin cool, but I honestly had no idea that I was THAT cool! You have proved me otherwise though. Because you read my blog every single day (multiple times), I've started to realize how badA I really am. Anyways, on a serious note...don't you have better things to do than stalk me? Like grad school? Or smoking weed? Or something else? You have major daddy-issues and reading my blog isn't going to make you feel any better about your life. You need counselling to fix that.
Dear Stalker #2:
You continue on with your stalkerish ways, now dontcha? I changed my phone number because of you. I deleted my personal Facebook because of you. I blocked you out of my life on purpose. Take.the.hint. What is it about my blog that you're so fascinated with? I love how you want me a part of your life, yet you don't even respect me. Additionally, you seemingly think that you've done nothing wrong. There's nothing you can do or say to make a relationship magically appear. If you would give it time, maybe everyone can heal.

OH MY LANTA, I feel so much better after that schpill. Now Happy Memorial Day friends!


  1. My bestfriend had a stalker once. Onetime she was driving home from college and her car stopped in a random small town about halfway to home. The boy called her to tell her he saw her. Somehow he got her phone number and would spam the heck out of it. Problem was she didn't know who the stalker was. It's rough and I feel for ya. Hope it gets better girl

  2. Love this! Sometimes you need to just vent - especially to the people that are causing you to stress/get annoyed! ha. Maybe, just MAYBE they'll get this hint after this?? Sadly, they probably won't! They just need to quit obsessing over you already.

    PS- loving the new blog look! Especially that picture of you & Ross at the top! ADORABLE!

  3. Yikes! Do you know both of them IRL? I know it's a bit extreme but if it really starts to bother you, and if one of them is in school you can contact campus security and if they contact you again the university will have to hold a disciplinary hearing. I also love the new layout x

  4. you know these people in real life? I hope that leave you alone!!

  5. It sucks that you have to put up with these people. x

  6. I can't believe they are STILL stalking you. Obviously your life is WAY more exciting than theirs!

  7. 1. I LOVE the new look to your blog, so cute!
    2. Haters gonna hate. Take it as a compliment that you're THAT cool.

  8. At first when I was reading the first paragraph, I thought you were doing a joking, funny post and were going to poke fun at a couple of friends.

    Threw us a curve ball! WOW, deleted your FB and changed your phone number. That is extreme.

    A tip (not that you asked me) that I learned is to get a Google Voice phone number, they are free. They are forwarded to your normal cell phone if you like. You can EASILY block phone numbers, and you can easily change it any time you want, while keeping your normal cell number the same if you want to for those who are close to you personally. I HIGHLY recommend a Google Voice number, even if just for filling out paperwork and other stuff. :)

    Good luck!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle