Friday, May 10, 2013


I don't know about you, but this was the jam back in high school. I remember dancing like there was no tomorrow. And the funny part? I thought I was COOL! What the ...
I am absolutely positive I didn't look like Beyonce doing these dance moves.

So for that reason, I'm using it as my most embarrassing moment for day 10 of Blog Everyday in May. I sure there are plenty of other moments I could share with you... but this is the most G-rated.

Linking up with Whitney and Jenni today!


  1. HAHA perfect song for #Backthatazzup! I wish I had moves like her.

  2. Obviously I have never seen you do these dance moves, but I am giggling at my desk thinking about it!

  3. Oh, did you ever use MSN messenger back in the day? BOOTYLICIOUS WAS MY SCREEN NAME! How embarrassing! And then when I switched to AIM it was x0xMiSsJeSsx0x...what the heck?? Why didn't anyone tell us we were crazy?

  4. I don't think their ready for this jelly

    really wish destiny's child was still together :(

  5. Too funny!
    During sorority rush we changed up the words and sang it as DZ-licious!

  6. This was my THEME SONG back in high school....oh the woes of having a ghetto booty! haha