Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Freak the F out

I am loving this Blog Everyday in May challenge. Today's topic consists of the thing(s) I'm most afraid of.

Unfortunately (or fortunately -- however you see it), I am going to keep today's post light and fluffy. I see no reason to dwell on deep-rooted issues that I'm afraid of; let's keep it surface level. Amen.

Here's some slightly scurry stuff:

+ Thunder and lightning when I'm home alone is no bueno. YIKES. This 26 year old (points to self) turns into a teeny-tiny little baby when that happens. I need a major cuddle sesh during storms.

+ I legitimately freak the F out when I see spiders. I want them all dead upon sight. Refer to an older post I wrote in regards to how I go about killing them. No, I don't get too close. Distance is key.
+ That moment when you run outta eyeliner. I dunno about you, but I am NOT complete without the black lines surrounding my eye lids. Not okay.

+ Grocery store shelves that don't have Topo Chico in stock. Okay okay... I know, I'm a complete and utter nerd, but this stuff is where it's at. It's sparkling water that has been my drink of choice since quitting caffeine. It's not your average sparkling water, this stuff is carbonated to the max.

+ When you see the perfect maxi skirt from Forever 21 and they don't have your size. That should be illegal. All stores should carry an infinite amount of sizes for every article of clothing they sell.
Now I'm sorta curious... are you afraid of any of these things too?


  1. I've never tried topo Chico but that sounds great! And finding an item I love but them not having my size is the worst!

  2. Like the maxi skirt you teased all of us with and now they don't have it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  3. I hate when I find the perfect outfit and they don't have my size... booo!

  4. AMEN to the eyeliner girlfriend. I won't be caught DEAD without my eyeliner on.

    BIGGEST pet peeve when stores don't carry a good amount of all their sizes.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am the same way with ANY bug! my hands start to sweat and I have a mini panic attack!

  6. when it comes to storms...no joke, do not laugh too hard but I seriously keep a rubber ball near me when I am in my metal bed so I can grab it if I think I am about to be struck and burned to a crisp. I know. Crazy town. haha and spiders, yeah, I pick them up with my fingers. I don't even use a napkin if there isn't one available. Unless it is huge, then I will get a shoe. haha

  7. I do NOT leave the house without eyeliner. I look like death.