Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's Get Bananas

Day 5 of the challenege is to publicly profess love and devotion for one blogger friend. This was super easy! I have several blog crushes, but Ashley at Let's Get Bananas tops the charts.
There's several reasons why I love Ashley and her blog. When we first started talking, we instantly had so much in common. We knew we had to meet up sometime. So we did, and it was a blast. Ross and I met her and Joey at a wine bar and ended up talking for hours on end. She is so sweet and easy to chat with.

She's one of the lucky ladies that has access to my blocked/private blog, so I share a lot of stuff with her. I can truly trust her and isn't it nice when you can find people to confide in? Even though she's in Houston and I'm in Austin, I feel like we are meant to be friends for sure! Too bad the cities aren't closer.

Ashley's blog is the very first one that I go to every morning. She's always cooking up something new or talking about the joys of paying it forward! What's not to love?!

If you don't already follow Ashley, you certainly should because she is the sweetest person EVER! Go now!


  1. It is wonderful when you have a friend like that. Beautiful pictures also

  2. Ashley sounds great! I found your blog through Jenni's link up and now I'll have to check out Ashley's too. :)

  3. Love me some Ashley!! She's one of my favorite bloggers too!!!!

  4. how do i find Ashley's blog?

  5. Ashley is great. Just found her blog