Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May Ipsy Bag

As mentioned before, I subscribed to Ipsy and I am SO glad that I did. I can't wait to get my monthly glam bags! First off, it arrived in a bright pink package (which made me smile) and it was pretty timely too. Let's hope that continues on. Of course as soon as I got the package, I ripped it open with excitement. 

Here's what was inside:
+ Glam Bag: Who doesn't love a good chevron pattern? Not to mention, I love blue and orange together. The size is great, and will hold all my weekend necessities.

+ Zoya Nail Polish (Color: Gie Gie): What I like most about this Zoya nail polish is that it has a shiny/sparkly look to it. I rarely buy myself polish that has sparkles to it. I can imagine this color as an accent nail, along with another color that I already own! I was really happy about this being included!

+ Anastasia Clear Brow Gel: I haven't ever had any issues with my brows, but I decided to give it a whirl this morning. And it does seem to be pretty nice. For women who have slightly thicker brows, or if they're uncontrollable, this would be perfect for them.

+ Island Vanilla Perfume Roll-On: This scent immediately reminded me of Jessica Simpson's perfume called "Fancy." If you've smelled that before, then it's very similar. Y'all already know that I'm a perfume addict, so just trust me on this one. I do own Jessica Simpson's Fancy perfume, and while I like it, I can't wear it too much since it's pretty intense. I will say that I love the roll-on perfume concept though. This is brilliant and SO convenient.

+ Mirabella Lipstick (Color: Posy): When I first saw this, I thought, "What a nightmare color." It's straight up RED! But, I decided to give it a whirl, and because it's so sheer and glossy, it worked out fine. I would never buy this for myself in store, but I love that it was sent to me just because I enjoy trying new products.

+ Yaby Concealer (Honey): It was slightly disappointing that even though I put marked that I'm fair skinned on my style quiz, I received a concealer that was too dark. It's really okay though because I'm sure I'll find some way to incorporate it into my beauty regimen.

Overall, I am SO happy with my Ipsy subscription. I am really glad that I signed up to receive one each month! P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post! If you want to join Ipsy too, just go here to sign up!


  1. I think this is SO much better than Birch Box... I rarely like anything I see in other people's Birch Box and I would love all of the products you received!

  2. I am going to play around with mine this weekend! The shiny pink bag made me SUPER excited!!!

  3. Do you like Ipsy better than Birch Box? I'm not 100% loving my BB and was thinking about trying something different!

  4. Ok, I finally signed up for Ipsy and my bag shipped yesterday! If I love it (which I'm sure I will) I'll be canceling my Birchbox subscription ASAP. Also, I love that Zoya color!!

  5. I did Birchbox these past few months, and was actually pleasantly surprised with what I got. I really enjoyed it! But this seems like you get A LOT more for your money! I think I'm going to try it next!