Friday, May 31, 2013

Puppy Brother

It's Friday which makes me HAP-HAP-HAPPY! Know what else makes me happy? Oh, lots of things actually. But as of late, here's some things that I'm especially loving.

+ The Giveaway that I'm co-hosting next week. Be sure to come back to my blog next week to see the deets! You won't want to miss it, I promise you that!

+ The Happiness Project. I ordered this book yesterday morning since Kristen suggested it. I can't wait until it gets in!
+ Pinterest project. So I've slacking; it's true. But I am excited to get some major Pinterest projects done this weekend. I am dreaming of red, white, and blue schtuff.

+ This commercial. KID YOU NOT, I crack up every time I see it. These AT&T commercials are genius. I have Sprint and it almost makes me want to switch to AT&T. Their Marketing department deserves major kudos.

Last, and certainly the funniest...

+ This ecard. I am laughing as I'm writing this. If you don't get it, you should push "play" on the song under the photo.


  1. Excited for your giveaway! & sooooo excited you bought the Happiness Project journal!! :) That commercial is hilarious, & so is that picture. & that TLC song is on point! I just love everything about this! ha. Happy Friday girl!! :)

  2. I have the Happiness Project and will be starting in this weekend!! Can't wait! Those AT&T commercials crack me up... the AT&T guy's legs are WAY too short.. he looks so disproportionate! haha and the kids crack me up!

    Happy Friday, friend!

  3. I LOVE the AT&T kid commercials. The original 2 or 3 were (and still are) the funniest, but Puppy Brother is JUST as good. It's hilarious! The little girl across from Puppy Brother girl is SO into this idea. Love it. Hilarious. Found you from the #backthatazzup link up!

    -Frances @ Keynotes

  4. I absolutely love all the AT&T commercials - so hilarious!

  5. LOVE the At&t commercials! I crack up everytime!! Happy Friday ma partner in vino! ;)

  6. I hated the song waterfalls when it came about because the obnoxious older girls i rode the bus with sang it all the time, no longer hate it.

  7. Hilarious commercial and I definitely want to read The Happiness Project. I believe I will order this afternoon :)

  8. Those commercials are so funny! I like the one where the boy is babbling away and the little girl interrupts and then the man says "wait I'm listening to this". SO cute!

    I've had Happiness Project on my "to read" list for months! I can' decide if I should read it next or not though!

  9. I love those AT&T commercials too! I crack up every time they come on!


  10. I love those AT&T commercials too! My husband and I get so excited when we see a new one on TV!

  11. I love those commercials too! I am a speech pathologist in a school, so most of my days sound pretty similar to the commercials.