Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ten words

Today's topic from the Blog Everyday in May challenge is: describe yourself in 10 words.
Yea that'd be me back in 2011 during my honeymoon with the Mr. 

So here we go... 10 words to describe me... hmmm


Yea, I'm pretty sure those words sum me up into one little package named Allison.

So what words describe YOU!?


  1. you forgot glamorous, but i guess that's what the picture is for :)

  2. Every single word (including glamorous thanks to Meredith) describes you to a T!

  3. Ten words for me....that'd be hard! Empathetic, Listener, Silly, Fun, Emotional, Passionate, Responsible, Lazy, Worrisome, Friend.

    I love that you have guides to help with posts. Does she do this every month?