Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The painful, unfair part of life

I'm not exactly sure how to start this post, but I would like you to know up front that I'm asking for prayers. Not prayers for myself, but rather for someone whom I've never met before.

Let me start from the beginning.

Back when I got engaged in 2010, I began scouring the internet to find the perfect makeup artist. Other than the dress and hair, I believe a bride's make up should be flawless. Absolutely, positively flawless. So, I needed the right person to make me beautiful.

Insert Elizabeth Anne Dowdy.
She's stunning right? Even more than that, she did make up fabulously. She had a serious talent for it. Not only that, but she was so pleasant to work with. As a nervous bride, I didn't know what I wanted. She assured me that everything would be perfect on my wedding day. And it was.
She airbrushed me to perfection on my wedding day.
I went on with my married life after the wedding and wrote tons of reviews for her. A few months ago someone asked me for a reference of a make up artist. I was trying to locate her website but I couldn't find it. "Well shoot, she must have changed her company name" I thought.

Time continued to go on, because I guess that's what happens.

Then yesterday, out of no where, my cousin texted me asking for the name of my makeup artist from my wedding. I told y'all that Elizabeth did awesome make up!

At first I hadn't remembered her name, and then it immediately popped into my head. I texted my cousin back with Elizabeth's information and her company name. That's when my cousin told me what had happened.

Almost a year ago in July 2012 (little to my knowledge), Elizabeth, who was pregnant at the time, and her 2 sons were killed in a head-on collision. Here's a little more about the incident. Read at your own risk. I found it extremely hard to take in. Just remember, all this happened nearly a year ago. We didn't really have any mutual friends... but when you live in a small town in Texas, someone is bound to know them. My cousin's friend was Elizabeth's best friend. So, word eventually got to me.

Why do I need your help? Because prayer works.

And although I have never met her husband, my heart is torn into two pieces over his loss. He lost his wife, 2 kids, and an unborn baby.

The pain.

I am asking for you to say a prayer for Samuel Dowdy, Jr, who is the surviving husband. I am asking that you genuinely pray for his comfort and a way to find peace. I have absolutely no clue where he's at emotionally (I've never met him), but I think it's only right that we pray for him.

It's just not fair.

When someone touches your life, it's forever locked into your memory. And although Elizabeth was "just my make up artist", she touched my life. She was the reason that I was beautiful on my wedding day. Her family deserves nothing but prayer and comfort. I hope that they find it too.

I'm sorry if this post made you sad. But my goal was to ask for prayers. And I mean like REAL prayers. Not the kind where you say that you'll pray and then you don't. I'm asking for you to sit down, pray silently or out loud and ask for their comfort. God listens.


  1. My heart just broke reading your post and the news article. Words cannot express my sorrow for this poor man. I pray that God gives him peace as he copes with this tragedy. Thank you for sharing Allison -- my thoughts and prayers are with you, and them.

  2. Allison, this is so sad to hear. I will pray for her husband and their family. This is everyone's worst nightmare. I just cannot imagine.
    Sometimes just short moments with people touch our lives so much. I completely understand how much you cared for her.
    Hugs :)

  3. I got chills reading this. I will definitely pray for her family. I can't imagine what that man must have went through... my heart absolutely breaks reading this. You are seriously too kind to have written this. You're seriously such an inspiring and kind person, Allison! God bless YOU for taking the time to write this & truly care for her family.

  4. Oh, this touched me. I said a prayer for Mr. Dowdy and hope the Lord heals him.

  5. Oh dear this is terrible.. Prayers for this poor man

  6. Life is so short and full of the unexpected. Thank you for your kind heart and sharing this story, I will be praying!!

  7. This breaks my heart. She didn't live very far from me. I'm less than an hour from Salado :(

  8. Allison: I happened across your blog today and this posting about my daughter and I just wanted to thank you for honoring her, her amazing talent and beauty! We are rebuilding our lives and God is bringing beauty from the ashes. I too have a blog in her memory: if you would like to stay in touch.

    Thank you for your prayers,

    Julie Diem

    Elizabeth's mom.

    1. Hi Julie!

      I'm so sorry that I'm just now responding. I have a habit of putting my emails off for a couple of days. Whoops!

      I'm so glad you found my blog and that you were able to find this post. I was totally touched when I heard about your daughter. Although I only knew her one day when we did my wedding, I know she must've been a huge blessing to y'alls family. I pray that God will cover your family in peace!!! I would also love to follow along on your blog. I will check it out now.