Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Update

It's actually a lot of work to blog every single day. Even with designated topics. And, not to mention, my weekends are used up spending quality time with my family (Ross and the girls). Thus, I didn't blog this weekend. At all. Whoopsie.

Here's a little breakdown of what went on:

+ Best friend came into town. We went out to eat and then went country dancing! Oh my gosh, y'all... I got college drunk. I am slightly embarrassed. But we had so much fun. I country danced the night away with husband, and then did the Wop with bestie on the dance floor. I'm positive that she can do the Wop way better than I can. 
+ P.S. MY HUSBAND IS SO CUTE. We are going to make cute babies one day, if I do say so myself.

+ Torchy's Tacos = the best ever. If you're ever in Texas, you gotta go. We first learned about it about 2 years ago, and we're seriously obsessed. I had to snap this picture of their signature little devil. We go probably at least once per week. We are soo bad, I know!
+ Husband mowed the lawn and our grass looked supreme. I love how green it is! Zoey clearly does too. She was enjoying the view.

+ My sweet, thoughtful husband wanted to go get him some new flip flops at DSW but when he couldn't find a pair he liked, he said, "Let's go downtown and go to Kendra Scott!" He is sooo sweet. He bought me this pair. Love.
+ I had to snap a picture of the KS store.

Not pictured: We went and saw The Great Gatsby and we really enjoyed it. I loved how long the movie was. I was intrigued the whole time because I genuinely forgot what would happen. I hadn't read the book since junior high or high school.

Also, we watched Texas Chainsaw in 3D at home. I did have some scary dreams after watching that. No more scary movies for me, please. Yikes.

I hope everyone has an awesome week!


  1. College drunk, haha! It's happens to all of us. :) So glad you got to visit the KS store!! I'm still jealous, ha! Happy Monday! xoxo

  2. your weekends are too much fun. i wanna tag along!! oh college drunk, i get that way when we go to concerts.

  3. I totally got college drunk too on Friday!

    LOVE the earrings you got - those are my favorite pair!

  4. "College drunk" hahahaha, love that!! Sounds like a great weekend. :)

  5. I love how you said college drunk! haha. Everyone does that every now & then ;) You & Ross are adorable & I agree, y'all will make the cutest babies ever one day! :)

  6. let's get college drunk together :). Then I will get T college drunk and take him to Kendra Scott and he can buy me earrings too!!

  7. I'm about to get college drunk this weekend at a wedding, woot-woot! Glad you had such a nice weekend & love the KS earrings you got, perrrrtay!

  8. Those earrings are beautiful and so sweet of the hubs! We saw Gatsby too and LOVED it!

  9. Eeerrrry now and then it's time to get college drunk! So fun!
    Love those new earrings. What a sweet husband!

  10. I want to get college drunk one day again. Get college drunk and sing Taylor Swift and eat pizza at midnight.

  11. When I come to are taking me to a straight up country bar and teaching me some awesome line dancing!

  12. You guys are turning into some professional two-steppers!! :) I don't know what it is about country dancing, but I tend to over drink a little too!! LOL...too funny you saying "college" drunk! And yay for the new Kendra Scott earrings!!

  13. Those Kendra Scott earrings are SO cute!! You have a good man girlfriend :D

    So nothing happened between your bff and that guy that came with you guys??