Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kendra Scott GIVEAWAY

Today is pretty stinkin' AWESOME. Do you want to know why!? Because me and some lovely ladies are teaming up to buy YOU a pair of Kendra Scott earrings. Can you say, "EEKK!!!!"

Yes, it's totally true. And so totally awesome too.

The rules are simple: Enter in the rafflecopter below. Follow each of the ladies hosting the giveaway (including myself) and if it's your lucky day, you'll be a proud new owner of these beautiful earrings. You EVEN get to choose the color.

Allison / / Becca / / Ashley / / Meredith / / Jordon / / Jessica

I had heard of Kendra Scott before, but my obsession didn't really start until I became blogger BFF's with Ashley. She officially converted me. I now have 4 pairs. And I still need more.

So what are you waiting for?! ENTER NOW! The giveaway is only happening for a short period. And today I'm linking up with Shanna!


  1. So happy to be doing this giveaway with you ladies! xo

  2. Hi!! I'm a new follower!! I actually saw your blog yesterday and wanted to check it out. So glad you girls forced me to with these earrings!!!

    Come check me out if you want!!

  3. We are getting big time hosting giveaways!!

  4. I would either choose the orange or purple! Great giveaway, girl!

  5. Aw what a good idea for a giveaway! I need to get me a pair of these since all of you girls have them! PS- I just saw your comment on Kasey's blog when I was reading her bachelorette recap. I love Ben too!! I really hope he's being real & isn't just acting!! & I wanna know who has a dang girlfriend already! Ha

  6. I want these! What a great giveaway!! Thanks

  7. I want the orange!!

  8. How crazy is it that we both posted about KS today!!! Holy blogger ESP!!! I love all you ladies and of course Miss Kendra! :)

  9. I just saw that I could still enter my comment I completely forgot to hit post on yesterday!
    I would get the Abalone Shell danielle earrings!!