Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ten facts about me, according to my husband

Y'all already know quite a bit about me, but I figured that to get to know me even more, I would have my husband join in on the fun. I asked him to think of 10 random facts about me. I told him there were no limits, just that it had to be blog-friendly. Ross reads my blog and loves the fact that I write. So it made me happy when he said he'd do it!

Let me start out by saying that I smiled when I read his answers. I have one amazing husband.

Anyways, onto the list! I have not altered the wording or anything at all. This is strictly what my husband typed up. Below each fact that my hubs wrote, I'll say a little blurb.
  1. Addicted to avocados
    Y'all may have already known this about me, but I do love a good avocado. Sometimes I'll call hubby up on the phone and ask him to bring home limes and avocados. Hello dinner.
  2. Has what I would believe is a lifetime supply of nail polish and perfume
    I can recognize that I may have an obsession. But, a lady can never have too many beauty products. 'Specially when it comes to smelly-good-stuff. I have been rockin Viva La Juicy too much lately. But I gotta smell good fo' my man.
  3. Absolutely terrified of even the smallest and harmless bugs
    I will go into a semi-freak out mode if I see a creepy crawly thing. Ew ew ew!
  4. Has an extraordinarily impressive memory when it comes to remembering every line to random commercials
    "Five dollar........ Five dollar........ Five dollar foot long." Name that commercial. Ready go.
  5. Knows every country song title in recent history
    I already told y'all this, but it's true. And I'm pretty impressed that my husband can recognize my abilities when it comes to country jams.
  6. <!DOCTYPE html><html><body><impressive>Knows more than me about web design</impressive></body></html>
    Don't you like how he wrote that out?! HAHA! He cracks my stuff up. I didn't alter it at all. I do know HTML. I learned when I was younger... around 11 years old. And lately husband has been reading a book to get caught up with my speed.
  7. #Addicted to @instagram, @pinterest, and @DIY projects
    I use the phrase "I found it on Pinterest" way too often. All the best ideas come from Pinterest after all. It's all in the name of a good blog post.
  8. She is a PC, and hates that I actually enjoy my Mac (i.e. used only for work :P )
    PC's will always be better than Mac's. I do love my iPhone though, so I've slightly converted. But when it comes to a laptop or desktop, I'm a hard and fast PC.
  9. Allison is a great mommy to our fur-babies, @ZBS @LMS, and is addicted to EVERY baby on the planet
    This melted my heart. I am addicted to our pups and any human baby. ZBS stands for Zoey Bear Skinner. LMS stands for Layla Macy Skinner. We didn't give Layla her middle name; it just kind of stuck. It's kind of an inside joke between Ross and I. It works though. And I could seriously go up to any given baby and give them a kiss if their parents would allow that. Hopefully that's not too creepy.
  10. An AWESOME wife. I acknowledge that it probably takes a lot to live with me :) 
    Melt my heart time 100 million. That was so sweet of him. I will save y'all the sappiness and just say that my husband ROCKS!
So did you learn anything new?! What 10 random facts do you think that your best friend or significant other would say about you?!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea!! I'm definitely going to ask Tyler and my bestie to do this!! Thanks for the great idea, friend!

  2. He is so sweet! I love this! I also cracked up at #6. At first glance I thought the post was messed up, but then I realized he did that on purpose. Hilarious!

  3. This was a very cute idea! I'm jealous of your html skills too, by the way. xx

  4. Omg this is SO cute! & that picture of y'all?! You look gorgeous!! :) I might have to steal this idea, Darren has been BEGGING to make an appearance on my blog! haha

  5. I'm totally a PC. And I love avocados. We had some with our dinner today--yum!

  6. Cute idea and such sweet answers from him. You can tell he def know you! I'm with ya on the avocados and babies. :)

  7. What an awesome idea for a post!! I didn't know you knew HTML so well. I need an HTML 101 lesson!! :)

  8. Seriously such a sweet post! You're one lucky lady to have snagged that gent up! You two are absolutely adorable together!

  9. I second Ashley's comment. I need all the HTML help that I can get!!
    This was such a cute idea! I might be stealing this for a later post! ;D

  10. I am so doing this! What a great idea :-)