Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Update + Survey

Oh Monday. Why do you manage to sneak up on me like that? I don't like you very much. I do, however, enjoy fun weekends. This weekend was just that!
1. Saturday morning we had a family reunion to attend. It was my paternal grandmother's side of the family. And, if you remember, it's the same family line from my neighbors. Cool story here.
2. Husband and I went to see "Now You See Me" and we really enjoyed it! It was also our first time at the iPic theater in Austin. The seats there were nice lounge chairs. Totally worth the extra money.
3 & 4. They're opening a new Gigi's location in a town close to us, and we were pleasantly surprised to see they had a truck outside their new location! These are seriously the best cupcakes ever. Gigi's Cupcakes started in Nashville. Jealous. She has locations all over the country. If you haven't ever been, GO NOW!

Not pictured: We also went to see "The Purge" this weekend. I hadn't ever heard of it, but then Ross was telling me about the preview and I knew I needed to see it! It was entertaining, I would say. Not exactly what I expected. If you've ever seen "The Strangers", it's very similar to that. By the way, I loved "The Strangers." Very suspenseful but very entertaining.
In other news, Ross and I are quickly approaching our 2 YEAR wedding anniversary. Time flies when you're having fun! Seriously! Less than four months until October 1st. Anyways, we need your help! If you don't mind, please take just a moment to fill out the below survey. We've complied a list of places that we'd like to travel to at some point in our lives. Also, please include any other helpful information! It'll only take a split second, I promise.
Thank you times infinity! You are awesome. I can't wait to see y'alls suggestions. Happy Monday! (If that's even possible.)


  1. Yayy for planning a vacay!! Can't wait to hear where you pick!! Just answered your survey. :)

  2. If y'all don't end up going to Nashville, we should SO plan a girls trip to visit Jordon!! Just saying :)

    Those are all awesome cities... I still need to make my way to Denver and NYC!

    Happy Monday, love!

  3. Good luck with planning your vaca! I like Jessica's idea of planning a girls trip! ;)

  4. I'm so glad y'all saw both of those movies!! We loved both of them! & I'm jealous of your cupcakes... I want one! ha. Can't wait to see where y'all take a trip to!

  5. All of those places sound like such fun!! Good luck making your decision!

  6. Fun! I like the idea of a survey! I've never been to any of those places though...yet!
    Yum cupcakes!

  7. Aren't vacations just so exciting!? It doesn't matter how big or small I just love all the build up excitement to a trip!

  8. If you go to NY, I'm coming with!!
    I love planning husband and I are leaving Sunday for our one year anniversary vacation.