Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Update

Sick. Monday again.

Just kidding, it's really gonna be alright. It always is. Wanna know why? Because Friday is inevitable. It'll always come around. Hoorah.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I know that I sure did. Here's a little run-down of what went on.
1. Fourth of July stuff GALORE! Quickie shout out to Forever 21 for making me smile. Red, white, and blue is my kinda thing. I am sure the ladies at the checkout thought I was kinda weird. So there's that.
2. Here's a sneak peak of the DIY project that I made this week. It's probably one of my favorites that I've EVER made. Can't wait to share with y'all. Come back on Thursday for the details!
3. Hubbers and I bought a new grill. We were so excited. We've been talking about getting one since we moved into our house a year ago! So it was about time.
4. Husband about to cook some beef. While looking at beef in the ranch. AKA the cows. No big deal.
5. My $5 Target Beauty Box arrived. You'll get a full review from me sometime this week.
6. I am pretty pumped about this. Me and some girlfriends are going to Nashy-villey soon! I can't tell you when I'm traveling for safety reasons, but I do know it'll be awesome. Pretty stinking excited.

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  1. I'm already so excited about your DIY project this week! WOOHOO for getting a grill! Our grill broke and it was such a pain to not be able to grill anything! You will love having one! And I'm most excited about #6!!!!!!! EEEKKKKKK!!!! :)

  2. So much fun! :) All of it. Congrats on the great finds and your upcoming vacation! Can't wait to see more about that project....

  3. Whoa! What is is this $5 Target beauty box?? I feel like I'm missing out!

  4. Can't wait to see this DIY project! Now every time I see the 4th of July section everywhere we go I look at KC and say "Allison would LOVE this!" and he's all like "I don't know an Allison...". Oops...

  5. Love the bbq view! Can't wait to see your DIY project for this week..I am lovin it already ;) Aaaaaaand you can find me in your suitcase when you land in Nashvile..please and thanks :)

  6. LOVE all that fun 4th of July stuff, hard to believe it's just around the corner!! And totally jealous of your girls trip to Nashville! You're gonna have a blast!!!

  7. Did you get 4th of July socks?! I need some!!! Jealous of your Nashville trip! So fun! :) I'm going in about a month but it's for some training and not really a "fun" weekend! It will end up being fun but just saying, not all funsies, haha

  8. I just moved to Nashville from Texas! You should totally email me and we could meet up!


  9. Love the 4th of July stuff!!! Can't wait to hear about Nashville!