Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Update

Typically, Monday's really grind my gears. But today, eh....... not so much.
There are three reasons for this: 

1. I drank a little more than I probably should have this weekend. My liver needs a break.
2. I got some new clothes for work, so I am looking forward to lookin' fly.
3. Bachelorette Monday. Need I say more?

So, for that reason, I am welcoming Monday with open arms.
Anyways, on a for-real note... let's talk about this weekend.

My husband and I literally said to each other, "I feel so accomplished this weekend." Sunday evening was filled with our exhaustion, accompanied by a feeling of satisfaction. Husband mowed the front and back lawns, we got new plants, and I even cleaned the house from top to bottom. So obvi alcohol was in order.
1. One of the main reasons that I love H-E-B: they have a nice little collection of Texas wines. Come to momma.
2. Hubby and I had a date night on Friday. We went to see World War Z and loved every minute of it! I would highly highly recommend watching it, especially if you enjoy zombie movies. HAH. That sounds kind of silly coming from my mouth, but Ross and I love all things zombie and vampire. True story. P.S. Major side note: Did anyone watch True Blood last night? SO good. This season is making me one happy lady.
3. While on our date night, we had a little bit lot of alcohol. But it was too hard to turn down the mini champagne bottles. They were the cutest.
4. My parents let us borrow their carpet cleaner and I am totally sold. We are going to buy one of these babies STAT. We have carpet in the majority of our house, because we LOVE how cozy it feels. As it is, I vacuum once per week, but with the deep cleaning of the carpets, our house feels extra clean.
5. This was my date night attire. New Target skirt, plus I had my Kendra Scott on. I had to look good for the hubbs.
6. In preparation for a baby shower I'm hosting in July, I made this cute little chalkboard! Harper Lynn is going to be one spoiled baby girl. But that's how it should be!

Not pictured: husband mowed and grilled-out to perfection this weekend. Can I just say that I LOVE SUMMER? Okay... I'll say it. I love summer. The sun. Swimming. Heat. Yard work. Fireworks. I could go on & on.

One last thing: I am guest posting over at Jaime's blog, so check me outttttt. And of course I'm linking up today with Sami and Leeann. That'll do it for me today. Happy Monday!


  1. I'm obsessed with that chalkboard! So cute - I've been known to smuggle mini champagne bottles into movie theaters. It makes me feel like I can't be tamed.

  2. Can you welcome my monday too?!?! I'm dragging today!

    Stopping by from the linkup!

  3. I love your date night outfit! That skirt is precious!

  4. Super excited for Bachelorette Monday! Definitely helps get through the day a little faster. Also, that chalkboard is adorable! :)

  5. You know I love me a good maxi! Your date night outfit was adorbs my friend!!! And sometimes we just can't say no to cute mini bottles of me often ;) Our house is pretty much carpet too and after we inherited the cat and got the dog, we also invested in a carpet cleaner. Best investment ever! I also vacuum once a week as it is and we shampoo our carpets about once a month... keeps the carpets looking great and house feeling extra clean!

  6. I didn't really want to see World War Z but since you said it's fab we'll def be getting that from Redbox when it comes out! LOVE the chalkboard and I may have went to the dollar tree and snagged one to do myself... you bring out the DIY-er in me! ;) Your date night attire is adorbs as always. & I'm jealous you only sweep once a week; because I'm a obsessive sweeper... I have a problem.

  7. Love the chalkboard! That is so cute!! And yes we need to think positively about Mondays :)

  8. Look at your cute little chalk board!!! love it!

  9. I'm SO glad you loved World War Z!! :) I drank too much this weekend too, that's what the river does to ya! haha. and YAY for the bachelor tonight!! Crossing my fingers Ben stays another week ;)

  10. Glad you got to let loose this weekend! Man I wish we had a TX wine section in NC! ;)
    The chalkboard is adorbs!

  11. Glad you guys had a fun weekend! We were productive like you and did lots of house cleaning/yard work/projects-- def worth celebrating when it's done! ;)

  12. Always important to have a date night :)