Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alphabet Dating: C

On Saturday before the concert that we had purchased tickets for, my husband said, "Can we somehow turn this into a "C" date for our alphabet dating?" So cute, right? Bless his heart. So of course I said yes. We got right down to business brainstorming.
The concert part of the "C" date was already established, but we needed a couple more ideas. That's when Ross proposed that we go out to eat on Congress in downtown Austin. And that we should only drink Chardonnay. So that's exactly what we did!
We had dinner at the Roaring Fork on Congress and drank some Chardonnay. We ended up ordering what was called the "Big Ass Burger" and it was just that; it was huge.

Next, we headed over to Austin City Limits where we had tickets for Rodrigo Y Gabriela. If you don't know about them (I didn't until I met Ross), they are a man & woman duo that are amazing guitar players. It's actually kind of incredible how fast their hands move. I believe Rod and Gabi are a long-time couple but not married. That's beside the point. They are awesome guitar players!
While we were at ACL, of course we snapped some cute photos of ourselves. Ross is a whiskey drinker through and through, so when we saw this huge bottle of Jack, we needed a picture of him with it. Then, to make things even cooler, I saw a huge Tennessee sign and it made me think of the upcoming girls trip that I'm taking! So I had to have a picture!
Last thing, just listen to this short clip of Rodrigo Y Gabriela (below).They are pretty amazing! Ross was in heaven during the entire concert.


  1. Looks like such a blast. Yay for Ross getting into the fun! You are doing awesome with this. I need to take your lead and get in on the alphabet dating for sure. Hope you are having a good week pretty girl.

  2. I love your alphabet dates! It's a great way to put the rest of the world on hold and do something for yourselves, as a couple! I need to get on ours!

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Such a cute idea!! Love how you guys made it work!

  4. LOVE Roaring Fork! That place is so good! I can't believe Ross is on board with your Alphabet dates! Such a good hubby! :)

  5. Only drinkin chardonnay? He's my kinda man!!! Cute date missy!

  6. Cute "C" date! I want a "Big Ass Burger" right about now haha ;)

  7. So cute!! Glad y'all had such a good time! LOVE Roaring Fork :-)

  8. You two are adorable! Loved this - such a cute date!

  9. That is so cute that he wanted to make the concert your "C" date. That is just too precious.
    I've heard of that duo before...they are good!