Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

Today, my heart is happy! And it's not just because it's Friday. Let's get down to bizznazz!

I love these ladies right here. Jordon, Jess, and Ashley are the sweetest ever, and guess what? All of us are real! That means that our Nashville trip is going to officially happen, haha! Don't let our happy faces fool you... we had major technical difficulties getting all set up with our webcams. But that's completely beside the point. The point is that I love them! YAYAY!
Yep, you are in the right place... I just get bored with the same layout for too long. So I created a brand new one. Want to know my secret? I ONLY use PicMonkey and Paint. Not even kidding. Sooo, if you play around in both of those long enough, you can make your own layouts too and not have to pay someone to do them. And everyone loves saving money. Amiright?!
Ross works for Google and they're having a little work-shindig tonight that I'm excited about. Yes, there will be an open bar. I am 100% okay with that. I do intent to take full advantage. What would you do if you were in my situation? You would drink. A lot.
One more week until my summer graduate courses are dunzo. Oh, and I just so happen to be making A's in both of them. A little hard work pays off! Fall classes don't start until late August, so I'll still have some type of break.
If I'm being totally honest, I don't completely care for Kenny Chesney, but this song makes me SO HAPPY. I love everything about it. It makes me want to dance sooo bad. Please tell me that you agree?!?!
Somewhere With You by Kenny Chesney on Grooveshark


  1. i am in love with your video date and oh so jealous! what program is that anyway?!

  2. I am just going to break down and do PicMonkey! Your blog is the third in less than a week that I've read tutorials or whatnot about doing it yourself. Thanks!
    And how in the world did you get four girls all online at the same time for your chat?? I barely can get time for a text date with two girlfriends.

  3. Stopping from 5 on Friday! I LOVE your blog name and design...PicMonkey has been a lifesaver (and money saver) to me too!

  4. YAY!! So glad we finally got to "virtually" meet!! :) Have a blast at the company party; and definitely drink a few for me!!! I'm a huge Kenny fan and that song is one of my faves!!

    Love you!

  5. haha I was laughing last night when I saw each of your versions on Insta. I am getting excited for your trip...just so I can see all of y'alls pics. and I have been to a google work event...Suffice it to say, you will have a good time. ha

  6. I've got to learn how to do my own layouts! You make it look so easy!

    Happy Friday!

  7. 1. I love your new layout
    2. I hate that you make it sound so simple
    3. I want an open bar
    4. Awkward does not even begin to describe how I look in that photo above.

    Ahh your real and I couldn't be happier!!
    Happy Friday Love!

  8. Love your new design! I think it's awesome your favorite colors are Red, White, & Blue!! I love open bars, especially when me and the boy have 'open bar nights' at our house w/ just the 2 of us ;-)

  9. Open bar work shindig? I need to apply for Google lol..and LOVE the new layout.. you are pretty handy dandy on pic monkey and paint girly :)

  10. So, I would love to learn how to do my layouts myself. But how do you figure out how to do the coding?! That's where you lose me lol.

  11. How fun that you guys got to chat! Y'all are so pretty!
    And I might need to learn these layout tricks from you. Is it really that easy???

  12. I love your new design and I know for a fact I can do it, but it but all the HTML scares me! I need to create a new fake blog just to try stuff out! I do all of my wedding/invites/brochures/etc designs in Word and everyone thinks that's crazy. But I've figured out how to do it and Photoshop and all that is just too hard to learn even though I have it on my computer!!

  13. Can we have a weekly chat session?! Hope you had fun at the google event!

  14. I LOVE that y'all got to video chat - that's so awesome! & your new layout/design is too cute! Plus your new button is just lovely!