Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Confess sesh

Today you're getting a quick I Confess sesh from me. It's only appropriate, considering how chaotic my life has been as of late. So sit back in your chair and read along at my expense. I can't believe I am writing some of this stuff.

+ I confess that I've probably been spending too much of my husband's money lately. I'll stop now. But it's not my fault. I completely blame it on the Nordstrom's Factory Outlet store. They sell Kendra Scott stuff for 50% off, and their Michael Kors stuff is 40%. How can I say no!? Correct answer: I can't. I just get so excited.
+ I confess that I ugly cried for about 45 minutes straight yesterday. And I'm not even joking either. Some of you know why, but others don't. That's okay. The point is that it's okay to cry every now and again. Now that I got it all out of my system, I am perky Allison again!
+ I confess that I plan on getting drunk this weekend. There are times when you just need to drink some alcohol and dance silly. This is one of those weekend. I am predicting it now. Of course I'll be a lady about it. Seek the heights. (Shout out A Chi O!)
+ I confess that since I bought this bathing suit on sale ($3!), I have gotten 4 more baby items. OMG, I am soo bad and I know it. I've recently learned of several ladies who collect things for their future children. So I am just fitting right in. I showed Ross and he wasn't all that entertained. He prefers that we wait until there's a human inside my body. I beg to differ.

+ I confess that as much as I hate Jason Aldean for cheating on his wife, this song is the jam. I truly want to hate Jason. Really, I do. What a pathetic excuse for a man. But, I will be the first to admit that he has some good music. 


  1. Wanna go, gotta go, A CHI O! Hahaha! I couldn't resist! I'm spending way too much money right now too... I need to stop, so I have plenty to spend in Nashville, haha! I'm thinking I need a new pair of cowboy boots... (and KS earrings of course). xoxo

  2. I am with you about Jason!

  3. I confess I watched Big Brother last night and a couple house guests are using a lot of racial slurs and one of the girls broke down crying for being bullied and I cried for a good 20 minutes. I hate that there is so much hate in this world. Drinking this weekend is going to be a must after the week I've had.

  4. Yes!! Save your monies for Nashville! There is lots of shopping and drinking to be done ;)

  5. I've been ugly crying all week. It's been ROUGH. But you're right, that's ok sometimes and I'm glad you're feeling better! I'm always around to talk if you need to, or just to send up an extra prayer or two! Also, I agree with you about Jason Aldean. I feel almost the same way about him that I do Chris Brown. I try really hard not to listen to his music anymore.

  6. omg I totally know what you mean about Jason Aldean!! It made me so sad to hear he cheated on his wife, but his music always has been one of my FAVS...I'm so conflicted! ...stopping by from your feature on Wifessionals =)

  7. I'm not a huge Jason Aldean fan either. I like most of his music, but do NOT get the hype about him. Especially when people talk about other country men singing about getting women in their beds....those are songs. Jason may not sing about it, but he does it in real life. What!?!?!

    How do I get to this huge sale you mention? Kendra Scott for half off? Send me a link!

  8. Ugh that news about Jason is sucky!
    A good cry sometimes very necessary!
    Go get your drink on girl! I told my hubs that once he gets back to NC we are going out and getting silly drunk since it will have been 3 months since living together in the same city!

  9. There's nothing wrong with crying every once in awhile and letting it all out! It actually makes me feel better after I cry!


  10. Hehehe, WHO else shops for their unborn children?! I have NO idea what you're talking about!! ;)

    Hope today is MUCH better and happy and without any ugly tears ;)

  11. I don't shop for unborn children, although I have kicked myself a time or two for loving something and not buying and thinking about it way too much after the fact! And of course I can't find anything else like it since!!

    My mother on the other hand? Has a spare bedroom closet full of clothes waiting for her future grandchildren. No joke. She's had this since before I was married (but at least with my husband).

  12. I too have bought clothes for my future children. And.. I'm single! ha