Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend Update on a Tuesday

Truth is... I'm a busy lady, trying to balance husband, work, school, and friends. Not to mention, I really REALLY like my lazy time.

Speaking of lazy time... I honest-to-goodness look forward to Friday and Saturday nights due to Mystery Detectives (FAVORITE SHOW EVER!). Well guess what? Because silly ole George Zimmerman's verdict was in the works Friday night, my show was cancelled on HLN. Then, once the verdict was announced on Saturday, they canceled my show again. WAHH! I feel like crying. But then I remember I'm an adult. 

But, in all reality I am obsessed with murder trials. Other than a country music star, or a solider, I'm pretty sure I was a forensic detective in a previous life. Or in a future life. But that's neither here nor there.

Anyways this weekend was short and sweet.
1. ADORBZ 4th of July swimsuit that I got for my futuristic baby Skinner. I have heard from many ladies that they've been shopping for their futuristic kids for years. I have been totally missing out. This is the very first thing I've ever purchased for a human being that hasn't even been created yet. Ross said, "What if we have a boy in the future?" I proposed that our son simply wear the star bottom as a speedo. What do y'all think? It could work.
2. Bestie came to see me on Friday! We went out to eat and had many laughs, of course. Lupe Tortilla always leaves me with one happy belly.
3. What in the world would we do without TJ Maxx? Thank you to them for selling me a $50 gel polish kit. Online and in other stores, this baby is $125. Pretty sure I love this purchase. Run to your nearest TJ Maxx and thank me later.

Not pictured: We went and saw The Heat and it was soooo hiliarous! "Are you or are you not a narc?" I also really liked the scenes with the albino. There were so many funny moments!
On another note, because this has been a sufficiently random post, let's look at some meme's that make me happy. Specifically because they remind me of my husband.


  1. My weekend tv shows pretty much revolved around the Zimmerman trial as well lol I am a sucker for these trials:)

  2. How in the world did I not know about buying clothes for your future children? Joey will die when I start doing that, haha! I am in LOVE with your future daughter's swim suit (or son's speedo.. I think that is perfectly ok)! It's precious!! And I cannot wait to see what your first gel mani looks like! OH I've been meaning to tell you this... apparently Ulta carries the Gelish brand gel polish. I've never seen it there (or even been to look), but have heard that. I normally order on Amazon or HauteLook has sales on that brand polish every once in a while (just hard to pick a color based on an online image).

  3. I took a picture with the cutest onesie this past weekend in Dubai! My hubs liked it, but said, "Do not put that on Facebook! People will think we're announcing something!" haha
    I haven't bit the bullet and bought anything yet, but I think I'm close to doing it.
    That swimsuit/speedo was worth it - IT'S PRECIOUS! and totally your style. :)

  4. I love the little swim suit! That's too precious!! And you could definitely pass those bottoms off as a speedo in the case of a boy hahaha.

  5. That bathing suit is so adorable! Pregnant with my first currently, a girl, but never got on the "future baby shopping" train. Wish I would have ;)

    I hate when shows get canceled!


  6. I absolutely love your future daughters swim suit - so stinkin' cute!

  7. I love Mystery Detectives too!! But I don't always watch it b/c I get scared.

  8. Hahaha- I love that you bought something for your future child! In our office closet, I have one medium(ish) size plastic bin with random stuff for our future kids, lol! A few books, a couple onesies and of course Bengals stuff. I mean, you just can't pass up a clearance steal like that!

  9. haha lazy time is very very important time!! that little suit is the cutest!!

  10. Please post a review of your gel kit!!

  11. Son's speedo? I am literally laughing out loud at my desk right now. This it tooooo funny. Fingers crossed for a little miss ;)

  12. Ok, so I have been contemplating starting a stash for a future little Bracco but didn't know if that would be weird... sometimes there are awesome bow sales on Etsy that I don't want to pass up! hahaha... I am totally starting one now ;)

  13. Love that you bought something for a person who hasn't been created yet! I wanted to do that with an adorable little outfit I saw at TJ Maxx a couple of months ago but resisted but now I think I'll give in the next time I see something adorable. Plus, if you do end up with a boy the swimsuit would make a cute gift for a friend with a girl. You never know :)

  14. we just discovered lupe tortilla when we were down in austin! their fajitas are delicious!!

    and adorable swimsuit :)