Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Update

Minus the fact that my husband and I purchased/planted poisonous plants, this weekend was good. Yep, we had to dig them up and we're going to attempt to return them to the local plant nursery. Not sure if they'll let us, but we're surely going to try. Apparently the Oleander is the number one most poisonous plant ever. It looks so harmless though.


I cannot believe the nursery sold it to us. But then again, they're only concerned about the business side. What.were.we.thinking? Next time, we'll do our research first. Our front yard has been pretty since last summer, but we haven't really touched our backyard as far as plants go.

Next weekend we will be doing more yardwork, rest assured. Hopefully this time I'll remember to wear sunscreen so I don't get burnt again. UGH. #whitegirlprobz

Anyways, onto the fun stuff that happened.
1. Husband and I went to a concert at Austin City Limits and had a grand ole time. I snapped this picture in honor of Nancy J, duh! This made me think of her and how excited I am to see her soon! Come back tomorrow to see our "C" date for Alphabet Dating!
2. Homegoods never lets me down. I am SO obsessed with this new phone case even though it's not monogrammed. It's currently cuddled up with my iPhone and I think that if my phone could talk, it would say, "EEK!"
3. SO ESSITED over this purchase. I have been drooling over Jack Rogers sandals for quite some time and I finally picked some up from the Nordstrom's Rack on sale! (You have to know by now that I don't have full price for anything!) I cannot wait to wear this babies STAT. I am also thinking... Fourth of July party next year? Yes? Yes.
Happy Monday!
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  1. Those shoes are fab! And I'm in love with that phone case. But it's terrible that the nursery sold y'all poisonous plants and didn't say anything! Seriously crazy. Seriously. :(

  2. Umm... I never knew that about the Oleander either. Thanks, cause now I will never purchase it for our yard either. Fo sho. Love the phone case! and from Home Goods?? Score! And you better wear those shoes for the 4th party next year ;)

  3. Wait... a nursery SELLS poisonous plants?! That just doesn't sound right! How awful! Glad the rest of your weekend turned out good!!

  4. Loving that phone case that was such a good deal! Also, Nordstrom Rack is probably one of my FAVORITE places to shop, especially for shoes!

  5. How did you even find out the plant was poisonous? I would have never even thought to check because who would think they could even sell them!

  6. I am in love with my Jacks...I have 'em in 3 colors! Also Lilly at Homegoods = awesome. New follower!

  7. I have a Lilly phone case too, but I paid full price for mine, boo :-(. I only knew that about oleander from the movie White Oleander w/ Michelle Phiffer, otherwise I would have never known.

  8. Our front yard needs some serious help! That's on our to-do list for next weekend! Can't wait!! I love to garden.. I just hope I can keep them alive in this TX heat!


  9. I LOVE THAT PHONE CASE!! So cute! Don't even get me started on those sandals, I want, I want, I want. Have a great week!!

    xoxo, Hannah.

  10. I need those shoes for Ole Miss games! Going to Nordstrom website now!