Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Update

As planned, our weekend was a good one. Aren't weekends always good!? I vote yes. Yes, indeed!

1. I so enjoy this view in the summertime. It makes me so happy. It wasn't too hot that evening either, which was great!
2. Tickets for the Express game on Friday night. Don't you love that it's red, white, and blue? Hehe!
3. Seriously, not even kidding. This is officially my favorite drink EVER! I got the recipe from Jessica and I am sooo glad that I decided to try it out!
4. We planted two baby plants (in place of the poisonous ones) on Saturday. These cute plants are going to get huge come next summer. Oh how convenient. Just in time for my 4th of July party!
5. Such a happy mail day when these new Jack Rogers arrived. Oh my heart is smiling. #latestaddiction #iamsobad
Not pictured: Ross and I watched The Host on Saturday night. Have y'all seen it? It was pretty great! Same writer as the Twilight series, so I knew it'd be worth while.

In other news, I am only working a couple of days this week. Earlier in the summer, I scheduled some time off around the end of the semester (now) to make sure I could submit good assignments. So, a couple of days this week I will be studying, writing papers, going to the dentist, running errands, and getting my hair trimmed! So for that, it's a HAPPY Monday! To start you out on the right foot, check out this inspirational quote :) I tend to love it.
On a side, fairly unrelated note, can I just say that I love my husband?! I am so thankful to God that He brought us together. That's all really. I just thought I'd throw that out there. Feel free to vomit now or later - that's completely up to you.


  1. Love that quote! I try to remember that, but sometimes (ok, a lot of times) my worry gets the best of me. ;)

  2. Love the new layout lady. So glad you had such a good weekend. I'm going to have to try that drink one of these days. Have a good week!

  3. Sounds like a really fun weekend! And I'm in love with that quote, so true!


  4. What a fun weekend! I am already planning to take Jess' drink to my girls weekend on the lake since you love it too! I wish I could bring it to Nashville too, ha! Glad you were able to replace those plants!

    1. I will provide, no worries ladies!

  5. Well now I need to try that drink for sure! haha love summer baseball games :)

  6. That drink sounds sooo delish! I want to try that! Looks like a great weekend :)

  7. I need to get my paws on that panty ripper!

  8. Ha! It's sweet that you love your hubs so much! I love those shoes! I really need some red and blue ones for Football games!

  9. Love your Jacks. I think I am going to try to find some at an end of summer sale. I'm an adult student too!! Its so hard, isn't it?

  10. Cute shoes!! Looks like you had a great weekend:)

  11. I'm so glad you love the drink!! I need to that mason jar glass.. in love!! Sounds like another fab weekend!

  12. When I worked in minor league baseball, Round Rock was one of my favorite stops. Looks like a fun weekend.

  13. Girl what is that cocktail you made? I love all of the ingredients! Saw you on the link up!