Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Taste of Tuesday: Avocado Chicken Pizza

This weeks theme must revolve around my lack of pictures. Because upon fixing dinner last night, I dove straight on in, started eating and THEN realized, "Oh, I meant to take a picture for my blog."

At least my tummy was happy with the foodies.

Moving on, with the exception of a quick back story about today's recipe. A couple of weeks ago husband and I went to one of our favorite local places and they had this new pizza. I knew immediately we had to try it out. When the pizza arrived, I was a happy lady. Then tasting it was like a little slice of heaven in my mouth.

Anyways... before I go too much into it, here's what you'll need.

Pizza dough (thin crust)
Olive oil
Grilled chicken
Smoked bacon
Fresh avocados
Mozzarella cheese
Fresh cilantro

I sorta cheated when fixing this yummy din-din. Have y'all ever heard of Papa Murphy's? It's a "Take and Bake" concept where you build your own pizza at their store, then take it home and cook it yourself.

So that's what we did. Hey, I still added the avocados once the pizza was fully cooked. Therefore, I should get some credit.

Your end result will look similar-ish to this.
I had personal preference to load up on the avocados. OMIGOSH seriously good. If y'all haven't tried it, please do it asap. Your mouth will thank me!

And while we're talking about the amazingness that avocados are, I MUST tell you about this new contraption that we got at Sur La Table recently. As the product advertisement says, "you can split, pit, slice and scoop avocados safely and easily in no time." And boy is that true. 
It's easily one of the better things that I've spent $10 on. You can get one online too right here. I may go get another one just to have handy for the future. You can never have too many avocado slicers. Amiright?

Don't forget to link up with Ash and Jess! Happy Tuesday, friends! I sure hope it's a tasty one for you!


  1. Mmm, that combination sounds delicious! I adding this to my menu plan for this week, thanks for the idea! We don't have a Papa Murphy's, but I do have a roll of Pillsbury crust in the fridge, that's a little like cheating too, I guess :)

  2. YUM!!! I love avacados but don't buy them nearly enough! i want to eat this! :)

  3. This sounds pretty yummy. There's a Papa Murphy's down the street from me...might have to try this out. And I could really use one of those avocado slicers!

  4. This looks fab! And did you just make avocados easier in my life?! Yep! I think you just did! ;)

  5. Oh my!!! I had a flatbread pizza last night at Chili's with chicken and avacado. I may need to figure out my own recipe for it. It was yummy!

  6. I am loving this combo for pizza - who would have thought?! Can't wait to give this a try!! Thanks for linking up, love! :)

  7. I know I'm weird.. but I don't like avocados! Darren LOVES them so I know he would LOVEEEEE this pizza! I'm totally gonna make it for him :) & we totally need that avocado slicer.. darren literally eats avocados every single day!

  8. Wait, you build your own pizzas at Papa Murphy's?! I never knew this! I need to try this asap! And I will definitely be adding avocados mine! Thanks for linking up friend!! :)

  9. We make homemade pizza all the time, but I've never thought about putting avocado on it! Yum.