Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Update

As predicted, this weekend was AWESOME. Probably my most favorite in... a.really.long.time. Wanna know why?! Well, you'll have to read below to find out!
1. Went to go have lunch with my hubby at work the other day. Each time there's a visitor in the building, you have to go through a check-in process and get a name tag. So, I proudly displayed mine while visiting!
2. Princess Bear got a pretty little haircut. She and her BFF/Cousin actually got groomed at the same time, so they got to visit while at the "salon."
3. Pretty obsessed with this nail design that I did. The cheetah print is from Essie (here) and the glitter is a kit that I got on sale from Ulta for $2! Always check the clearance section at Ulta. You won't be disappointed. Seriously. The gold on the rest of my nails is called Good as Gold by Essie.
4. I was so excited on Friday night when I found out that I made A's in both of my summer grad courses. Hard work really pays off!!! I am a smart cookie.
5. The most EXCITING PART OF OUR WEEKEND was when we bought this brand new 2013 Honda CR-V. SERIOUSLY SO EXCITED. As awkward as this sounds, a CR-V is my dream car. I love everything about it. So to say that I'm excited is an understatement. The pretty car on the right we got last weekend. I had been waiting for the right time to mention it, but now you know! BYE OLD CARS, HELLO NEW CARS! The one on the right is a 2014 Ford Fiesta. SO PROUD right now. Words cannot express it.
6. Not only do I have a foine husband, but now we have two new sweet rides also. Happy happy happy.

I'm still smiling at the thought of our cars. I'll try to move onto other topics the best that I can without peeing my pants of happiness.

Okay yes, I'm composed now.

Anyways, church was awesome yesterday. Before the service, I closed my eyes and prayed. I said, "God, please let this message be something that I need to hear." And guess what? He did just that. It couldn't have come at a better time. Here are a couple of things that I took away from the service:

  • God is always at work in you.
  • As if you didn't already know this, the pastor went over my FAVORITE VERSE EVER. Ephesians 5:31. "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh." I can't believe how perfect this timing was. Thank you, Jesus.
Just amen. That's all really. 

In other news, can someone tell me why this year is going by so fast? I have an inkling as to why. I am guessing because time flies when you're having fun. I have just felt more blessed this year than ever before. In less than two months, husband and I will be on our anniversary vacation and then before we know it, it'll be Thanksgiving and Christmas! That reminds me... it's tax-free weekend in Tejas this weekend. I predict husband and I will do some shoppin'! That's always fun, right?! Hello to the San Marcos Outlet Mall.

Seriously though, if you're ever in Texas, go to the SM Outlet. They have the best stores you could ever imagine, and all amazing prices.

Now I am just getting off on a tangent. Happy Monday! And may the new car smell be with you.


  1. your pup is too cute! and how did you make this photo collage?

  2. May the new car smell be with you, hahaha!!! So excited for both of your new cars!!! They look so fancy sitting in the driveway next to each other!! And I need a matching mani - I'm obsessed!

  3. I love the CRV too. YAY for new cars and a fun weekend. And double high five to you for your grades! You go girl! Happy Monday!

  4. My brother is moving to San Marcos this weekend! That gives me an excuse to go visit the outlets more often!!! :)

    Congrats on the new cars! So, so fun. New cars are the best!!

  5. I think this year might be going quicker than any other year before it! I can't believe it's August. I heart new car smell!!!

  6. EEK!!! I'm so excited for your and your NEW cars!!! :) Sounds like the perfect weekend! And I need that mani - stat!!

  7. Yay for new cars and your cutie getting a haircut!
    I feel like this year is flying by also! I think I'm really enjoying this year and especially enjoying writing it all down by blogging! :)

  8. YAY for new cars!!! To awesome you got your dream car guys so deserve it! ;) And um..yeah..still obsessed with your nails.

  9. I'm still confused how you are able to get your nail to look like that??? Your new ride is so pretty!!

  10. What a weekend! 1) You're dog is presh, she reminds me of my Gracie Girl. 2) Your nails are fantastic and 3) congrats on the new cars! Lucky girl


  11. I am just a wee bit jelly over your new cars! The CR-V is literally the car I've been having googly eyes for since getting my Mazda (apparently that's what happens when you jump too fast into buying a car). Glad you had such a good weekend darlin'!

  12. I understand your excitement - I LOVE the CR-V - it's the car that my husband and I are considering buying for me next year. And this year really is flying by, it's crazy.