Thursday, September 19, 2013

Recent favie beauty products

1 - The POREfessional by Benefit. For whatever reason, I have rather large pores. This stuff is expensive and it works. I've tried several different pore minimizes and this has to be my favorite. Not to mention, for the $30 tube, you get a lot of product! A little goes a long way. I use this product as a primer before applying foundation.

2 - Clay Finishing Powder by Tarte. I've been using this more and more lately. It dramatically makes my skin feel silky soft and smooth after I apply my makeup. I just got the trial size and it's been lasting me a while. Sometimes I'll use this product instead of a regular powder. I feel like it sets my makeup really well.

3 - Matte Lipstick by NYX. I have never ever ever been a lipstick person until I tried this stuff. And now I am completely sold. I am in love! I have used two different pinks: the brightest and the palest, and I feel so beautiful when I put it on. I love that it's a matte finish and not shiny. It seems to make the product look more natural on my lips.

4 - Heavy Duty Concealer by Hard Candy. Let me preface this by saying I bought this at Wal-Mart. The reason that I say that is because I have a huge hatred for Wally World. Too many bad customer service experiences there. Anyways, that's beside the point. This concealer is awesome and has a nice full coverage, which I love. It can even (apparently) cover tattoos. I don't know this for a fact since I don't have a tattoo but that's what the word is.

5 - Synthetic Angled Eye Liner Brush by Sonia Kashuk. I recently purchased this eyeliner brush and I am so glad that I did. I feel like my eyeliner has been so much more natural looking since using it. I have used several of her other brushes and I really like her products.

So are there any new products that you've tried? I would love to know what they are!


  1. I LOVE my porefessional!! So soft and silky and just amazing. I need that Tarte stuff, now!

  2. I need to try the POREfessional, I have been looking for one that actually works!

  3. Hmm, I'm going to have to try that concealer! Is it very heavy?

  4. You have great taste!! I am always looking for good natural eye liners so I am definitely going to try that one!
    Newest follower!! :)

  5. I love the NYX matte lipstick! I have it in a few shades! :)

  6. I definitely need to try this concealer. I need heavy duty coverage for my heavy duty dark circles.

  7. Now you've got me interested in the concealer. I use Mary Kay but I wouldn't mind testing this baby out!