Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Update on a Tuesday

Can I just say that this weekend was amazing?! I am a huge fan of three day weekends and firmly believe that America should switch to only having 4 business days rather than 5. 

Who is with me?!

Okay, so here's the breakdown of my weekend. Today's recap is short and sweet.
Saturday: Husband and I spent a lot of time outside doing yard work. He primarily did the front yard, and I did the entire backyard by myself. So proud right now. My forearms are killing me though. I spent a good hour (at least) pulling up weeds. Gah. What a workout.

Sunday: Woke up and realized "Hey, 1 month until our second anniversary!" Fun stuff. I just love the first of each month. We ran errands during the day, and that evening we watched Homeland and Breaking Bad with our neighbors. Breaking Bad is getting intense, y'all!

Monday: It was a long, but good Labor Day! We had a representative from Lowe's come out and do an estimate on gutters for our house. Then we did a little more yard work. Later in the evening, we went to Target and found the most amazing looking boxed cupcakes. We had to get them. Let me tell you-they were tasty!

Coolest of all, I found out that Jax from Sons of Anarchy is now Mr. Grey. As in, Fifty Shades of Grey. Good lawd. This will be good!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful 4 day work week. Yippie!


  1. OMG I thought the exact same thing about Breaking Bad! So much happened in the last two episodes I just kept saying "omg that did not just happen" ha!

  2. s'mores cupcakes? no way! I need to go get some!

  3. I was freaking out when I found out that Jax was the new Christian Grey.. Tyler wasn't nearly as thrilled lol

  4. Ooo.... they have cupcake mix to match the frosting!? I just bought the frosting and that was it!! Ok, now I need to go back!


  5. Good job on the yard lady! It's is crazy how sore you can be from yardwork?! Hehe!

    Big anniversary plans yet??